“No boyfriend” video girl gets revenge on dad – by doing his makeup.


A LITTLE girl whose angry demand to have a boyfriend went viral has now got revenge on her dad – by plastering his face with makeup.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world watched the video of Grace Tierney, five, being told by her father he’d “break the legs” of any boyfriend and that she was going to be a nun and “work for Jesus”.

John, 37, from Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, has posted another video in which his daughter settles the score.

The video is captioned: “Grace’s early morning makeup. Hope everyone’s day has started better than mine.”

In the clip, Grace can be seen sitting smugly on a sofa while John asks her: “What have we been doing today?”

She replied “Putting makeup on my Daddy” as the camera pans around to John, who now sports eyeliner, false eyelashes and lipstick.

She laughs as he points at the black lines on his face and remarks: “I love the way you’ve paid attention to the wrinkles on Daddy’s eyes.”

The 37-year-old adds: “I’ve got lipstick all over my teeth.”

Bringing up a touchy subject, John then turns to her and asks: “Do you think Daddy will get a boyfriend?”

Grace beams and shakes her head, saying: “No, but I’m getting one.”

John's make up
John’s make up

The boyfriend argument erupts once more, with John even grabbing his cross necklace and holding it up to the camera.

He asks “Do we need to do this again?” as his daughter puts his necklace away and states “Aw, I’m not going to be a nun and I’m not going to work for Jesus.”

John can’t contain his laughter as he concludes “Yes you are” and the video ends.

The clip, which was shared last week, has racked up almost 3,000 views.

Shocked dad takes the make over well
Shocked dad takes the make over well

Twitter user Elaine Morrison commented: “Looking lovely this morning John.”

Aimee Weaver added: “Priceless.”

John’s previous video, which went viral on social media, attracted comments from the likes of Scots comedian Limmy who said it was “Funny as f*”.

Grace, 5, looking proud of her work
Grace, 5, looking proud of her work

During the exchange with his daughter, John states that he will not let her get a boyfriend and warned that if she did, “Daddy will break his legs”.

It has almost reached 150,000 views and has been seen by people all over the world.