Pub quiz fail goes viral after Lee Harvey Oswald mixed up with Calvin Harris


A HILARIOUS pub quiz fail has gone viral after a contestant mistook one of history’s most notorious assassins – for superstar DJ Calvin Harris.

The black and white picture of long-dead Lee Harvey Oswald has scrawled underneath it the name of the very much alive Scottish musician.

The confusion between the killer of JFK and the man who has sold over eight million singles in the UK alone occurred at a pub quiz in London.

The glaring error was spotted by Twitter user David G Arnold who uploaded a picture of the sheet he marked at the quiz.

Posting yesterday, he wrote: “Someone’s answer on a pub quiz photo round that I was at last night.”

David’s tweet has had nearly 900 retweets and over 1,600 likes.

The photo shows a section of the quiz dedicated to identifying people from pictures.

Underneath the words ‘Name them please’, a black and white image of Lee Harvey Oswald’s mugshot – complete with an injury to his temple – is shown underneath.

In blue pen, below the picture, the hapless quizzer has written ‘Calvin Harris’ in blue ink.

Next to the image of Oswald, the contestant has correctly identified a picture of Amanda Knox, who spent almost four years in an Italian prison following her conviction for the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher with whom she shared an apartment.

Twitter users have been quick to react to the funny mix-up.

A user known as ‘Minotour de France’ wrote: “My first guess was actually Ryan Gosling or

Tom Huddlestone (is that the actor or the footballer?) I mean the actor.”

Emma Scutt (CORR) asked: “Wait, Calvin Harris killed JFK?”

Gary Fenlon commented: “This generation in a nutshell.”

Whilst Mike Apostolou added: “Wow the likeness is uncanny.”

According to the official version of events, Oswald acted alone when he shot the 35th President of United States in Dallas on November 22, 1963. He was shot dead in the same city two days later, while in police custody, by nightclub owner Jack Ruby.