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How Puzzles Aid in Child Growth


Adults and children have fun solving puzzles. In most households, it is the ideal way of spending quality time as a family. However, besides being a fun pastime, solving puzzles also offers various benefits to the development of a child’s brain. Here are some of the reasons you should consider replacing video games with puzzles.

Boost cognitive skills

Most puzzles for children who are in their early stages of development usually come in the form of shapes. When a child works on a simple shape, like a circle, they are able to recognize this shape easily. Therefore, their ability to recognize shapes in the future is increased. Allowing your child to solve puzzles will also help them jog their memory. As they go along fixing pieces, they keep in mind the puzzles that did not fit and where they are likely to fit.

Hasten the processing ability

The processing speed of your child is likely to improve when they are engaged in word puzzles. This is because the child will be looking forward to finding the correct answer at a fast rate. With time, you will notice that your child is getting better at other tasks like mathematics and other subjects.

(C) Ryoji Iwata/Unsplash

Improve physical skills

Moving around puzzle pieces requires a precise coordination of the hand and the eye. In this case, your child will be able to quickly learn that their hands are related to their eyes and that this coordination affects the brain. Puzzles will also help your child to develop their motor skills as they move up and down to carry pieces and fit them in the puzzle. This not only benefits the movement of the whole arm or legs but also the small body part like the finger that is used to set a puzzle piece into its place.

Create healthy competition

You might have noticed that the personalities of your children vary with those of others. If you have a child who loves competing with their peers, then getting them hooked on puzzle books is one of the best ways to instil a positive competitive culture in them. You will learn that the child likes to engage in puzzles that are not very simple. The idea of facing an obstacle and hurrying up to complete it before their peers will give them satisfaction. As your child keeps going back to find solutions to the puzzles, they will learn perseverance, hence, boosting their overall personality.

Keep the children engaged

Containing your children during long trips or events can be hectic for any parent. Instead of shouting them down and threatening them to sit still, you can carry puzzles that will engage them as the event continues. This will not only give you peace of mind but also keep the children entertained and less grumpy. You can easily find portable and affordable puzzle books at The Works’ website.

Choose to better the learning skills of your child today by investing in different puzzle books. You can easily find books that appeal to the age of your child no matter how young they are.