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Vodka market experience returns to encourage Brits to try new fresh flavours in their cocktails

NEW research has revealed that just a quarter of Brits are brave enough to experiment with cocktails, as vodka giant Russian Standard aims to encourage fresh combinations.

Experimentation is becoming more and more popular in food across the UK, however it seems that Brits need a helping hand when exploring the same range of tastes in their cocktails.

Research conducted by One Poll across six UK cities, on behalf of Russian Standard, reveals that although 24% of Brits want to be more experimental with cocktails, just under two thirds say it’s the fear of not understanding which flavours go with which in their drinks that has stopped them creating new cocktails at home.

The survey showed that taste profiles differ across the UK. In Birmingham, 25% of respondents? said they’d never tried a cocktail with herbs such as lavender, rosemary or mint despite the fact that over a third? – 36% -? of them said they liked the concept of being able to experiment with flavours.

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However, the people of Edinburgh enjoy experimenting with different flavours the most – 41%- with mint being a firm favourite. In comparison, just 33% of those in Liverpool enjoy experimenting with flavours.

Age also seems to play a factor in your decision making when it comes to experimentation in cocktails as 32% of people between 25 and 34 confess that they’ve tried and enjoy lavender in their cocktails, yet only 11% of over 55’s have tasted it in a drink.

At this year’s Blue Dot Festival, an annual culture event in Cheshire, Russian Standard is bringing back its well-received Mule Market, a personalised drinks experience which offers consumers the opportunity to get creative and mix their own cocktails by choosing from a wide variety of fresh ingredients.

With the help of an expert mixologist and a bespoke Flavour Wheel to explain five core flavour profiles, consumers will be encouraged to take the plunge and shake up their flavours, allowing them to discover new ways to enjoy their favourite cocktail this summer.

Rebecca Heathcote, Head of International Marketing for Roust, the largest integrated spirits producer and distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, said: ?“The research has proven that consumers need that extra bit of encouragement to experiment for themselves with their cocktail making.

“We are confident that Mule Market offers the perfect solution as it enables consumers to get creative with our liquid and personalise their favourite cocktails with exciting new flavour combinations under the guidance of expert mixologists.

“This summer we want people to experience the superior versatile taste of Russian Standard and show them why we are the number one best selling Russian vodka in the UK.”

Russian Standard vodka is the UK’s second most popular brand and dominates the market share in its home nation.

Bluedot Festival takes place from 18-21 July at Jodrell Bank Observatory, Cheshire.

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