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EntertainmentMAGIC - Paul Zenon: Trust Me! stuns audiences at Le Monde

MAGIC – Paul Zenon: Trust Me! stuns audiences at Le Monde

PAUL ZENON’S greatest trick on Tuesday night (6thAugust) was not the tricks he performed on stage, but his ability to turn a room full of adults into children for an hour.

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Every so often the Fringe will produce a show that is a must see and Paul Zenon’s Trust Me!is no exception.

Located in the Dirty Martini Bar in George Street’s Le Monde hotel, his latest show Trust Me! left audience members jaws dropped in unison as he made the impossible, possible.

Zenon’s charisma and humour on stage instantly sets the audience at ease as they know they are dealing with a true magical craftsman.

He takes the audience to the start of his magical career as a child in Blackpool and shows the audience the very first tricks he ever saw.

He breaks the tricks down for the audience and describes how he does them. He then gets the audience to see if they can guess the answer to some of his tricks. However, the audience are still left bemused as he continuously fools them.

Zenon’s command over his audience is truly astonishing, every pair of eyes in the room is totally focussed on him at all times. He perfectly manages to balance his magic with great humour.

If the audience wasn’t in awe, they were certainly in stitches.

There were only two hitches in Zenon’s performance, and he dealt with them in such a way I’m sure the audience wasn’t sure if it was part of the act or not.

Firstly, slicing his hand on a tin prop on stage, and then secondly knocking over a pint of beer used for one of his final tricks.

A true test for a professional may be in how well they perform, but also how well they deal with a mishap in their performance and Zenon did so in a way that kept his audience on side and in trust with the magician.

I cannot recommend this show highly enough, a great show that is both hilarious and visually captivating.

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