COMEDY – Sam Morrison: Hello, Daddy!


SAM MORRISON has brought one-man stand-up comedy Hello, Daddy! to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

[star rating = 4/5]

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Brutal honestly is probably the best characteristic to describe young New York City-based comedian Sam Morrison.

In ‘Hello, Daddy!’ he discusses his numerous sexual encounters or mishaps, struggles of coming to terms with his sexuality and realization of his attraction to older men.

In his one-man, stand-up comedy show built based on years of diary entries, Sam’s humor comes across as witty, biting and sharp. 

He starts the show by explaining how growing up isolated and confused in a small town and having an unexpected encounter with a Seth Rogan -alike has been his origin story that most of his later life activities and decisions were based on.

When discussing coming to terms with his sexuality and being attracted to older men, Sam uses strong punchlines, vivid sexual references and various LGBTQ stereotypes, thus achieving high audience engagement.

Sam uses simple but comical props throughout the show to continue keeping the audience entertained and anxious to see what will happen next.

He then moves on and continues the rest of the show explaining his attraction to men (referencing his fascinations about his Hebrew school teacher) – daddy’s or bears to be exact, which eventually leads to a handful of anal references.

This show is a beautiful tale of self-discovery, love and acceptance.