Piece of Cheese, England’s only triangular cottage, goes on sale for £345,000


ENGLAND’S only triangular cottage has gone on the market for £345,000.

The historic property – called The Piece of Cheese Cottage – was built in 1878 in Hastings, East Sussex.

The cottage was created after two brothers agreed a £5 bet – worth just over £300 in today’s money – that a livable home could not be built on such an awkward plot.

The result was an “extraordinary characterful property” of just 720 square feet (66 square metres), about a fourth the size of a tennis court.

The two-storey property comes with one bedroom and an ensuite bathroom and a small private garden decorated with shells.

Image: Just Property

The ground floor is an open planned living room, kitchen and dining room that comes with a pot bellied coal burning stove and a porthole window upstairs.

The open plan living space closes in on the corner that has been turned into the kitchen where the microwave is placed and cooking area, which then has a dining table placed at the side as the room grows out

The first floor bedroom offers stunning views from the rooftop terrace of the old town and nearby country park.

It has retained the original access door from when the property was built while it was renovated to fix the roof in 2018 and comes with central heating.

Image: Just Property

Just outside of the door is a sign stating the name of the cottage on a piece of cheese and to add to the effort of making it look like cheese the walls are painted yellow with framed rectangular shaped windows.

On the roof of the property there is a mouse sitting on a piece of cheese with the words 1878 just below.

It even comes with a mock English Heritage landmark sign saying: “Celebrated movie stars Mr & Mrs Michael Mouse, once spent their summer holidays here”. Above it is a picture of a blue mouse with cheese.

The property also has the original conveyancing documents from 1871 to 1945.

Just Property has described the property saying: “This extraordinary characterful property has a fascinating triangular design giving the impression of a piece of cheese.

Image: Just Property

“Probably the most unique one bedroom cottage, with a 30′ depth and no interrupting walls giving a bright large open plan ground floor, and the first floor offers the famous Old Town rooftop views to the Country Park.

“It should be noted that The Piece Of Cheese is an extremely rare commodity, with such nostalgia and historic value alongside its distinctive features, an unparalleled property.”