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NewsCommonwealth shooter gets the giggles mid stalk - Viral News Scotland

Commonwealth shooter gets the giggles mid stalk – Viral News Scotland

HILARIOUS video shows a professional shooter unable to control his giggles after his sister’s shoes fall apart during a deer hunt.

Record trap shooter John MacDonald, was out with his sister Morven MacDonald in Acharacle, Argyll when the soles of her boots fell to pieces just 100 yards into their walk.

Despite being a trained deer stalker, the 41-year-old could not compose himself at the sight of Morven’s tattered shoes.

The comical video begins with John in his stalking gear with a rifle on his back doubled over as Morven, 39, films.

He attempts to report the incident to his cousin who was waiting in a van nearby, but cannot catch his breath.

Barely able to speak from the laughter, he just about manages to say: “They’ve fallen off, the soles have fallen off Morven’s boots.”

John MacDonald giggling
John could barely get his words out after being consumed by a fit of giggles. (Image: John MacDonald)

John then bursts into laughter, and is doubled over and red in the face.

The camera then pans to show Morven’s soles lying in the middle of the muddy road.

John goes on to say: “I’m trying to send a message, Morven’s boots have fallen in the road, the soles are lying in the..”

However, he can’t finish his sentence as he starts to laugh again.

He adds: “The stags and hinds are up here” John then falls to his knees in the grass, coughing from laughing so much.

John wipes away the tears from his eyes and says to his sister about the deer: “Maybe they are gone I don’t know.”

Boots soles in mud
Morvern’s boot soles were left stuck in the mud. (Image John MacDonald)

John, who works in deer management, uploaded the video to his company’s page Deer Hunting Scotland.

Posting to Facebook on Thursday, John wrote: “Sometimes getting a stag is less important when there’s a good laugh to be had!

“Today we had the pleasure of guiding my sister Morven on the hill, only to find out after the first hundred yards, her boots fell to pieces!

“For some reason I could not contain myself even with the stag and hinds just ahead of us!”

Christian Dachattea wrote: “F’in brilliant! Nearly p**** my pants laughing.”

Logan Bainbridge added: “This has got to be the best thing I’ve seen all day. Love getting a good laugh.”

Ian Ogg Mackenzie commented: “Absolutely brilliant.”

John laughing
He was doubled up with laughter at the site. (Image: John MacDonald)

John added: “I was out on one of the estates with my sister Morven who had a couple of days off, so she hasn’t been out for a few years.

“She has got her stalking gear that she has used intermittently over the years. There is a kind of thing that happens over a couple of years, they could be the best boots in the world.

“But if they are stored away and they are not being used and there tends to be if the boots are stored in an airing cupboard or drying cupboard and they are pulled out a few years later, the glue in the soles tends to go funny and fail.

“We were all rigged up away sharp in the morning for a day’s deer stalking, we were on a stalk and we saw a good stag, a shootable stag to take.

John MacDonald
John has previously competed in World Cups and the Commonwealth Games. (Image: John MacDonald)

“We were just setting up and we got about 100 yards down the edge of the track and Morven boots fell to bits.

“I was trying to relay the message to my cousin Chris who was back in the vehicle that Morven’s boots had fallen to bits and I fell to bits myself.

“It was like one of these situations where you aren’t meant to laugh, cause I’m trying to stalk the deer and it is a quiet morning so they can hear us pretty well.

“The fact the soles were off and lying there and trying to keep quiet the whole thing kicked off I just went into hysterics.

“How the deer were still there after me roaring and laughing I have no idea.”

John is currently the number one Olympic Trap Clay Pigeon shot in Scotland currently and has been ranked number one in the UK in recent years.

He has also competed on the world stage for Great Britain at World Cups, World and European Championships and the Commonwealth games.

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