Mums hit out at claims “children aren’t affected” by virus by sharing images of their Covid-stricken babies


DESPERATE mums have hit out at people who say “schools are safe” and “children aren’t affected” by sharing eye-opening photographs of their Covid-stricken babies.

Lucy Fisher, from Hertford, shared photos of her 11-month-old son Albie showing his mottled skin after apparently testing positive for the virus.

Images of Albie show the youngster’s mottled skin, with his neck flushed and covered in a rash.

Another photograph shows a teary-looking Lucy with Albie cuddled into her chest sleeping.

Coronavirus News
Lucy has urged people to take the virus seriously.                                                                                       (c) Lisa Fisher

The 27-year-old listed her son’s symptoms in a Facebook post on Monday as a warning to other parents, saying: “This is without a doubt the hardest week I’ve faced being a mum. 

“It’s bad enough having a sick baby in usual circumstances, but a baby that is sick with this virus whilst you’re also sick with it and having to take care and look after your ill baby and not being allowed any help or support is just horrific. 

“Please take this seriously.”

Lucy then listed Albie’s first symptoms as “Spotted rash on back of neck, temperature above 38.5, sickness and diarrhea, loss of appetite, cold hands and feet/ hot to touch body.

Coronavirus News
Little Albie’s symptoms included getting grey, mottled skin, a high temperature and loss of appetite.             (c) Lucy Fisher

“Grey and mottled skin”, “a cough” and being “very unsettled” were also included in his symptoms.

She added: “An ambulance had to come out today, but due to hospitals being overwhelmed and administrations being on a high priority basis he has to be treated at home.

“The scariest thing about this is, we are told children aren’t affected. They are!

“We believe we are immune after getting it, we aren’t. We can get this again.

“Please stay safe and follow the guidelines.”

Coronavirus News
The virus keeps causing Albie and Lucy’s temperatures to spike.                                                                 (c) Lucy Fisher

Similarly mum Vicky Willoughby from Portsmouth, Hampshire shared several images of her baby with mottled skin rashes across his body after apparently testing positive for coronavirus.

The tot can be seen looking limp and subdued whilst covered in red patches across his arms, legs and neck.

Another photograph shows the little one who appears no more than three-years-old lying in his nappy and covered with rashes.

Posting to Facebook on Sunday, Vicky wrote: “It doesn’t affect children, they say! Schools are safe they say!

“B******s is what I say!”

Coronavirus News
Mother Vicky Willoughby also shared snaps of her little one who is suffering from the virus

She then listed similar symptoms to those given by Lucy and expressed how “scared” she felt.

Vicky’s post has attracted over 7,000 shares and thousands of comments from social media users.

Megan Mcpartland wrote: “Poor little baby he looks so sick. Hope you all feel better soon.”

Linda Omeara said: “Poor little love. I’m hoping that your beautiful baby gets better soon.”

And May Lee wrote: “My heart goes out to your household. Hope you all get better soon. 

“They need to shut the nurseries and early years centres. No one’s immune.”

Speaking today, Lucy explained: “Albie came into contact with the virus when he was spending the night with his dad.

“His dad got tested the day after and got a positive result.

“I had to keep Albie in for ten days and it was on the tenth day he started to show symptoms.

“I then got symptoms the 11th day but I hadn’t been in contact with it, I was only in contact with Albie.

“He won’t sleep in his room either now he wants to sleep on me which is such a struggle.

“My cough is really bad and it eases if I lay on my front, but he wants to sleep on my chest which means I have to lay back.

“It’s extremely uncomfortable, but I’m just trying to do all I can to make sure he is comfortable and getting enough sleep.”

She added: “We are doing a little better but just trying to keep his temperature from spiking again.

“All I keep seeing is that babies and toddlers aren’t affected and that is so far from the truth which was my reason for the post.

“It’s not a straightforward illness either, one minute you’re fine and then it just turns ugly so quickly.

“Along with not being able to get any help or support it’s just been the hardest week.”

Yesterday Harry Potter star Jessie Cave also revealed her two-month-old son is currently in hospital with coronavirus.

The actress, who played Lavender Brown, shared a photo of the newborn lying in a hospital bed on Instagram.

She said : “This strain is super powerful and contagious so I do hope that people take extra care in the coming weeks.

“Really didn’t want this to be the start of my family’s new year.”


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