Shocking video shows Amazon driver “trespassing” into customers home to deliver parcel


SHOCKING video shows the moment an Amazon driver let himself into a family home to drop off a parcel.

Shaken up resident Lisa Metcalfe claims the driver had told her that the door handle opened accidently after the box in his hand pressed against the handle.

But CCTV footage at the home in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, clearly shows the man using his right to open Lisa’s front door on Saturday.

In the video, the driver can be seen carrying three Amazon parcels as he approaches the 39-year-old’s house.

The high-vis wearing driver then chaps the door before immediately pushing down on the handle to gain access to the property.

He then leans into the door and leaves the parcels inside just as a shocked Lisa hears him from inside and confronts him.

While the CCTV did not record the audio of the conversation, Lisa claims the driver said the boxes in his hand had slipped, causing them to push down on the handle.

Shocking moment amazon driver lets himself into property - Consumer News UK
The driver can be seen clearly opening the door.

After a brief exchange, Lisa shuts her front door as the driver makes his way out of the front gate.

Lisa claims Amazon have offered her £10 credit to her account following the incident.

She shared the footage onto Facebook on Saturday, writing: “I think you need to explain to your drivers what trespassing means and they do not open people’s doors!”

Speaking today, Lisa said: “I was scared as everyone was home so I didn’t know who was coming into my house.

Shocking moment amazon driver lets himself into property - Consumer News UK
The driver claims the parcels in his hand opened the door, but the video proves otherwise.

“I told him not to come in and my house and asked why he was just opening my door and stepping in.

“It is trespassing.

“He tried to tell me the boxes knocked the handle down but you can clearly see that didn’t happen.

“I am now locking the door at all times as this has left me very shaken.”

An Amazon spokesperson said: “We have reached out to the customer to offer our support. We have investigated the matter and are taking appropriate action.”