Disgusting images show Tesco chicken with stomach full of feed


A TESCO customer was left “horrified” after she had to pull the stomach from the inside of a chicken – which still had feed inside it.

Karen Bennett was cooking a Sunday roast when she was shocked to find the chicken still had its stomach left inside – filled with seeds, straw and sawdust. 

60-year-old Karen from North Weald in Essex, originally bought the bird from her local Tesco on Friday for her roast dinner on Sunday. 

Tesco chicken has feed filled stomach | Food and Drink News UK
The disgusting discovery ruined Karen’s last evening with her husband.                                       Copyright – Karen Bennett

Hairdresser Karen had planned to enjoy a nice meal with her husband but their night was ruined by her grim discovery. 

Karen instead had to cook two ready meals for her but couldn’t even stomach the meal and didn’t eat anything. 

Images taken by Karen show the grey stomach she pulled from the inside of the chicken which according to Karen was the size of a table tennis ball.

Whole Tesco chicken has feed filled stomach | Food and Drink News UK
The stomach was filled with a selection of straw, seeds and sawdust.                                           Copyright – Karen Bennett

The stomach which is shown to have been cut open for closer inspection, is filled with an array of half digested seeds, straw and sawdust. 

Furious, Karen decided to post the disgusting images to Facebook on Sunday.

She said: “On Friday I bought a willow farm chicken which I have always raved about, they are great tasting chicken.

“I’d planned a roast, popped some rosemary and garlic inside (the chicken) and in the oven.

“When I removed it to check if it was cooked through I pulled the rosemary out and then this ball shaped thing popped out it was gross!

“It was its stomach filled with seeds, straw, sawdust and stuff!

Whole Tesco chicken has feed filled stomach | Food and Drink News UK
Karen went to pull rosemary out from the chicken but instead came the testicle like stomach.       Copyright – Karen Bennett

“It was horrendous to be honest and the smell.

“I am not by any means exaggerating one bit here, I have never felt so sick at the sight of food.

“So much so I just do not think I can eat chicken again for a while.”

Karen’s Facebook post attracted other shoppers who were also left horrified by her disgusting find. 

Kerry Hills wrote: “Oh my goodness. 

“That is absolutely revolting, they seriously need to do something about this as that is a disgrace.”

Whole Tesco chicken has feed filled stomach | Food and Drink News UK
Karen bought the whole chicken from Tesco on Friday.                                                               Copyright – Karen Bennett

Lee Hellyer commented: “Omg, made me feel sick and now all I can think of is that chicken pecking at seeds.”

Ben Shouls suggested: “Should go to a butcher as you don’t get surprises like that.”

Speaking today Karen said: “I pulled the rosemary out and out came this thing that looked like a testicle.

“I’ve got a really strong stomach and I’m really not a drama queen, but that made me feel so ill.

“I was absolutely horrified.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to eat a whole chicken for a while now.”