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BusinessMore than 160 job applications in one day for café advertising "higher...

More than 160 job applications in one day for café advertising “higher wages than sitting on your a**** at home”

MORE than 160 job seekers have applied to work at a cafe advertising “higher wages than sitting on your a*** at home.”

Paul Stenson, owner of The White Moose Cafe and in Phibsboro, Dublin, hit out at those “sitting on their a**** at home and living off taxpayers money” on Tuesday.

The business owner said it had been difficult to recruit new staff when people would rather “sit on their h**** watching Netflix.”

Mr Stenson posted a job advert offering a “significantly higher wage working here and a chance to reintegrate into the community.” 

Since posting the job ad online, the cafe owner received over 160 applications in just one day – despite receiving backlash for the brutally worded job appeal.

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Posting on the White Moose Cafe Instagram and Facebook pages yesterday, he said : “161 CVs now received from people wanting to work in ‘that horrible cafe that should be boycotted’.” 

The original job advert posted on Tuesday read: “WE ARE HIRING**

“It is proving very difficult to recruit staff to work in hospitality these days. Why would anyone want to work in this industry when they can get a sizeable Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) for sitting on their hole watching Netflix?

“To this end, White Moose guarantees its employees that they will get a significantly higher wage working here than sitting on their a**** at home and living off tax payer money.

“A job with us will give you the chance to reintegrate into the community and work in an environment where safety comes first and Covid protocols are followed to the letter.

“If you are interested in joining the White Moose team (and getting up off your a***) please email your CV…We’re looking for servers, baristas and chefs! 

“P.S. The PUP seems great now, but just wait until the Government levies huge taxes on you down the line! Get back to work!”

The cafe’s Facebook post attracted more than 2,400 likes and hundreds of comments.

Anna Smith wrote: “This is amazing.

“Eventually the fatty unemployment will be gone and everyone will be racing to find jobs only to not find any because businesses will have closed and the people that saw it coming already filled what positions were out there….”

Susan Muir said: “I’m 66 and live in the North of Scotland…

“Can I apply? Can’t think of a better place to work.”

And Lexi Lewark commented: “It’s happening everywhere. Here in the States it bad too. Major props for speaking the truth!”

Some followers were less than impressed with the company’s posts.

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(c) White Moose Cafe

Aisling Barrett wrote: “Mock and disrespect your employees and see where you’re left.

“I hope all the staff you’re left with are lazy, demanding, inexperienced students who don’t care about the work they do who have been tempted by your offer of payment of ‘above industry standards’ (wow, thanks) and fully expect to collect their cash for doing f** all and then f** off on you when you’re no more good to them.

“Ask and ye shall receive.”

Amy Mccarton added: “You won’t get anyone to work for you if you have that attitude.”

The advert has also attracted a mixed response on Twitter this week.

@legallybimbo1 tweeted a screenshot of the job advertisement, writing: “This is horrible who would want to work there after a statement like that?”

@pilenile added: “No wonder they’ve got no staff owner doesn’t sound too nice.”

@thejamesmcadam said: “Well they aren’t wrong about what they say. I think finally it’s a company who gets straight to the point and not best around the bush.” 

@Wally42685361 said: “The ad is speaking the truth, it is 100% correct!”

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