Monday, June 27, 2022
NewsDopey driver makes three point turn in front of oncoming traffic

Dopey driver makes three point turn in front of oncoming traffic

A DOPEY driver was filmed making a three point turn in the middle of busy traffic after taking a wrong turn and driving towards oncoming traffic.

The video shows the black Vauxhall approaching a large junction in Nottingham yesterday before taking the disastrous wrong turn.

The clip shows another black car crossing the junction correctly before the Vauxhall driver turns right into an opening for oncoming traffic.

After realising the error, the driver halts their car and quickly does a three point turn just seconds before traffic is shown coming towards him.

The driver then turns his vehicle around and speeds away in the same direction as the cars.

Lights around the junction are shown not to be functioning at the time which is believed to have caused the confusion.

Delivery driver Gavin Callaghan captured the footage as he headed to his home in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

The driver midway through his three point turn | Transport New UK
The driver was forced to make a three point turn whilst the oncoming traffic waited for him to clear the road.

The 41-year-old posted the video to Facebook last night writing: “Wrong way.” 

The post has now collected dozens of likes, with Facebook users being left shocked by the mistake. 

Ree Kelleher wrote: “Bloody hell.”

Lynda Chadwick said: “Makes it worse with road works.”

To which Gavin replied: “It’s worse as he was following another car and still went wrong.”

Speaking today Gavin said: “At first I found it highly amusing, until all the traffic started coming towards him. 

The driver was followed by a pile up of vehicles | Traffic News UK
After making the three point turn the driver then speeds away in the same direction as the oncoming traffic.

“That is when he turned around and had to go the wrong direction he was aiming for.

“When the car turned around and all these cars followed him.

“I found it quite funny, especially because the people in the car were arguing with each other.

“There were a lot of arms waving around and looking at each other. “

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