Saturday, June 25, 2022
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“Hancock in brass” Shopper spots sculpture of “Matt Hancock in clinch with aide”

A CHARITY shopper has spotted a brass sculpture that looks like it was based on Matt Hancock’s steamy clinch with his aide.

Jono Le Blancq was stopped in his tracks when he spotted the uncanny resemblance at the Hospice Shop in Jersey in the Channel Islands on Saturday. 

The 47-year-old noticed how similar the brass sculpture looked to scenes that were released from leaked CCTV footage of Hancock and Gina Coladangelo last Friday.

The statue which resembled Hancock's clinch | Politics News UK
Jono spotted the resemblance as soon as he came across the statue.                                                      (C)Jono Le Blancq

Hancock was exposed for allegedly having an affair with Coladangelo when footage emerged showing the pair snogging.

Le Blancq had only just seen the shocking footage that morning so quickly spotted the resemblance.

A hilarious image shows a brass sculpture of a naked man and women embracing in an erotic hug whilst kissing. 

The female has her arms around the man’s neck whilst the man holds the woman’s waist. 

The brass sculpture draws an striking resemblance to the former Health Secretary clenching Coladangelo’s buttocks whilst she held his neck.

Le Blancq shared the comparison to Facebook on Saturday writing: “‘Hancock in Brass’ £30, Hospice shop Jersey.”

The post has now collected over 6,200 likes, with over 400 comments from Facebook users who thought the sighting was hilarious.

One user wrote: “Stay home, save wives.

Whilst another said: “I’ve just read this at 4am and I woke the house up laughing.”

One member commented: “His hand isn’t low enough!”

Facebook users react to Matt Hancock statue | Politics News UK
Facebook users joked in their responses.

Whilst another joked: “Hands space back to Gina’s place.”

Speaking today Le Blancq said: “I’d only just seen the Hancock ‘cuddle’ photo that morning so the image was fresh in my mind when I saw the statue. 

“I noticed the resemblance and thought it would make a funny post.

“‘Hancock in Brass’ was the first thing that popped into my head. 

“We’ve had it quite easy over here as far as the lockdown went so I wasn’t quite aware how disliked Matt Hancock was with the public over there. 

“Anyway if you’re going to mock someone you have to punch up, politicians are the perfect target.”

Hancock resigned from his position as Health Secretary after the footage leaked and exposed his failure to abide by guidelines that he had constructed. 

Sajid Javid has now taken over from Hancock after being appointed by Boris Johnson. 

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