Shocking video shows Three Lions fans throwing street bollards at each other


A SHOCKING video shows Three Lions fans throwing plastic street bollards at each other while celebrating England making it to the Euro 2020 final.

The footage shows ecstatic fans lobbing the red and white pillars at each other on Granby Street in Leicester city centre last night.

Hundreds of fans can be seen celebrating after England beat Denmark 2-1 throughout the clip as dozens toss bollards around.

Revellers are shown ducking out of the way to avoid being hit by two foot bollards.

At one point one post is shown hurtling through the air towards a group of celebrating fans who can be seen covering their heads.

The bollards were installed into bases on the ground by council workers in a bid to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

A rendition of the English football anthem, “Three Lions” can be heard being belted out by the party-goers.

The clip was posted onto Twitter last night, captioned: “This is how we celebrate in Leicester.”

The footage has had over 6,000 views so far and attracted a mixed reaction from followers. 

Fans lobbed plastic bollards at each other - Football News UK
Fans lobbed plastic bollards at each other.                                                                                                       (C) uwizfr

@akh_zil said: “Loool FINALLY we can park on Granby.”

@DSN_97 said: “I’m so happy those fucking cones are done for.”

@sx_rr1 said: “Doing up javelin.”

However, @ayz_4 said: “Nothing compared to Wembley scenes.” 

@arlll_ said: “Is it everyday this city embarrasses itself? Are you getting paid for this?” 

And @InzamaamK added: “F*****g animals!”

This is a historic moment for the English National Team after making the final for the first time since 1966.

The Three Lions will play Italy in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday.

Pubs across the country have been allowed to stay open later to allow fans to watch the whole game.