Social media users shocked over video showing hedgehog with enormous “lance”


A HEDGEHOG has shocked social media users after video footage captured the hog stride by with a “particularly long” appendage.

Engineer Pete Carroll captured the hefty hedgehog strutting around in his garden in Sussex on his night camera on Saturday. 

The striking video shows the hung hog walking in front of one one of Pete’s black and white wildlife cameras.


Hanging underneath the hedgehog is an enormously long penis that stretches from the males back legs to his front legs. 

The horny hog enters the camera from the right and can be seen sniffing around as he explores the garden. 

The critter continues to sniff across the floor and gives the camera a brief glance of the sizable phallus. 

Pete’s visitor proceeds to give the air a quick hip thrust before continuing on his quest around the garden. 

Pete shared the footage to Facebook on Saturday writing: “How does he even walk without tripping over?” 

Despite hedgehogs generally having large sexual instruments, Pete believed that this hedgehog had a “particularly long strategy”. 

The post has now collected over 1,000 likes with hundreds and shares and comments from users who joked in their responses.

Rachael Orman said: “When you wind your lipstick too far out.”

Hedgehog flaunting package - wildlife news UK
The hedgehod was rather well endowed.                                                                                                    (C) Pete Carroll

Emma James wrote: “Obviously male hedgehogs have no need to climb over obstacles, they can simply pole vault over them with what mother nature blessed them with.”

Deb Evans commented: “Good god! No wonder they make so much noise!”

Sally Parsons added: “I’ve had to watch this a few times, at first I thought it was his leg!”

Eugenie Booth also said: “Oh my god, it’s a lance, poor lady hogs.”

Speaking today Pete said: “My reaction really was just that question, ‘how does he even walk without tripping over?’ 

“I thought it might put a smile on a face or two so I thought I would share it.He is quite a large hedgehog.

“For scale, those patio slabs are 45cm wide.

“I believe that hedgehogs are strategically well endowed to cope with the females’ prickles.
“But this chap seems to have a particularly long strategy.”
The hedgehog population in Britain is in a steep decline with the species now listed as “vulnerable” in the red list of mammals. 
It is estimated that approximately 335,000 hedgehogs die on British roads annually whilst habitat loss through urban developments also pose a large risk. 
It is encouraged that members of the public leave small bowls of water out to assist the population whilst ‘hedgehog highways’ are also set to help the vulnerable species roam freely.