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Fashionista who couldn’t afford £310 Victoria Beckham sweater vest gets mum with arthritis to sew amazing replica for under £20

A FASHIONISTA who couldn’t afford a £310 Victoria Beckham sweater vest got her mum who suffers from arthritis to sew an amazing replica for under £20.

Amy-Jo Simpson fell in love with the crochet top on Victoria Beckham’s website and was gutted when she spotted the eye-watering price tag.

The fitness coach, from Faxton, Essex, couldn’t justify splashing out for the item so gave her crochet skilled mum, Mel Saunders, a ring to see if she could help out. 

Mum-of-two Amy-Jo created a TikTok video capturing the moment she spotted the vest, right through until she received the finished product from her talented mum.

The clip, posted Saturday, was captioned: “When you can’t afford that designer top.” 

Amy-Jo can be seen looking at the top with a shocked expression as she scratches her chin in deep thought.

The 40-year-old has a lightbulb moment as her mum’s number pops up on her mobile phone screen.

Mel can then be heard saying: “Ooh yes, I can make that.” 

The shot then shows the crafty 69-year-old recreating a version of the Victoria Beckham crocheted colour sweater vest.

A heart-warming caption across the clip, saying: “My mum has such awful arthritis in her arms but still wanted to make it for me.” 

The mum and daughter - UK Fashion News
The mother and daughter duo pictured.

Next Amy-Jo is shown beaming as she sports her gorgeous top – identical to the original.

She captioned the end scene: “I just love it and its a fraction of the price.” 

Amy-Jo Simpson shared the video on Saturday captioned: “Who else has a knitting/crochet legend of a mum?! #victoriabeckham #knittingmachine #crochetersoftiktok #learnhowto #fyp #foryou #essexfamily.” 

The TikTok clip got over 30,000 views and thousands of likes and comments from users who loved the homemade rendition.

@bubbleandbeauty said: “Your mum’s so talented! I would buy what your mum made.” 

@misslornadodds exclaimed: “Your mum’s version is much nicer than the Victoria Beckham one.” 

The original top - Fashion News UK
The Victoria Beckham vest is an eye watering £310.

While @Pauline251274 added: “Aren’t mums just the best.” 

Speaking today, Amy-Jo said: “Mum can make anything I show her and so easily. 

“When I spotted the Victoria Beckham top at such a high price I knew mum could do it for not even £20.

“She has really bad arthritis so usually it would take two days but it took her a week from taking breaks but she absolutely loves it -bless her.

“All she did was measure it up against one of my tops and it fit perfectly.

“She is so chuffed with the reaction and has been crocheting all her life since she was about eight years old and was taught by her mum.” 

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