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EntertainmentHilarious video shows woman kayaking down road after heavy flooding

Hilarious video shows woman kayaking down road after heavy flooding

A HILARIOUS video shows a woman kayaking down a busy road during rush hour traffic after heavy flooding.
Barry Stephens captured the bizarre moment during torrential rainfall in Birkenhead, Merseyside yesterday.

Barry, 40, had joked with a colleague moments before seeing the keen kayaker that the only way they would “get out of the car park would be on a boat.”


The peculiar footage shows shows a woman paddling along the side of the A41, which has one side completely submerged in water.

Traffic is coming past on the right hand side of the road, with the kayaker floating paddling with the traffic on the left hand side. 
The woman, who is inside a pink kayak and using blue paddles, struggles to make much progress as she is hampered by the waves created by the cars. 
Onlookers can be heard laughing at the woman’s spontaneous adventure.
The cars passing the kayaker on her right-hand-side are struggling to negotiate the vast amounts of water too. 
Barry posted the video on Facebook yesterday, writing: “Only in Birkenhead.”

Kayaker in traffic - weather news UK
The kayaker floated through the traffic.                                                                                               (C) Barry Stephens

The video now has over 650 likes, with over 550 people commenting on the crazy kayaker. 
Matt Bruffell said: “Holding the paddle the wrong way round, no wonder they’re not getting anywhere fast.”
Danny Williams commented: “It’s not a road if there’s no markings visible. I like it.”
Maria Mercer replied: “That’s hilarious.”
Jenn Robson added: “This is awesome.”
Angela Kennedy said: “This is so funny”.
Simon Holme commented: “When nothing’s stopping you getting your KFC”.

Speaking today, Barry said: “Five minutes before I took the video I had said to my assistant manager Lindsay that the only way we would get out of the car park would be on a boat.

Kayaker doing laps of street - weather news UK
Barry says the kayaker was doing laps of the area.                                                                                (C) Barry Stephen

“I walked outside to see how deep it had got and then saw the kayak.

“She did a few laps of the road to be honest!

“She went as far up as me and as far down as the lights in the background.

“That was after about 45 minutes of rain.

“It was rather bad, the flooding in various parts.”

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