Scots family “terrified” as thugs attack their property three times in 16 days


A SCOTS family have been left “terrified” after thugs attacked their property three times in 16 days.
Dale Smith had the back window of his car smashed by a thug last month, who returned just six days later to smash the vehicle to pieces with a baseball bat.

Yesterday morning, a hooded yob attempted to burn the 31-year-old’s van at his home in Bogindollo, Angus, where he lives with his parents. 

Dale’s dad Derek Smith, 62, luckily spotted the attacker and managed to chase him from the scene before any significant damage was caused.
Landscaper Dale does not know why his van was targeted, and has no idea who might have done it. 
Doorbell CCTV footage shows the vandal arriving at the property and looking around at the several cars parked outside. 
The thug appears to be carrying petrol, and looks around for their target.
The yob eventually heads for the van, and is largely blocked out by another car in the footage. 
However, suddenly a large flame appears just to the left side of the van, with smoke flying up into the dark night sky. 

Vandal searching car park Forfar - Crime News UK
The vandal examined the area upon arrival.                                                                                         (C) Christine Smith

Derek can then be seen charging out of the house and chasing the vandal down the road as they flee from the scene.

He is heard shouting: “here you b*****d, come here you f***ing a***hole.”
Dale’s mum Christine said that they found a cloth and rubber glove burning beside the van alongside the petrol.
Fortunately, the vandal didn’t manage to set the van ablaze, but left a burn mark on the bonnet. 
Christine, 60, posted the footage on Facebook yesterday writing: “Please help us find out who is doing this. 
“This is the third time we have been targeted.”
Dozens of people have commented on Facebook after seeing the footage of the shocking attack. 
One user said: “This is shocking behaviour.” 

Ringcam van on fire Forfar - Crime News UK
Flames and smoke coming from the van are caught in the CCTV footage.                                               (C) Christine Smith

Another commented: “Not again Christine, hope they are caught as this is very alarming for you and disgusting behaviour!”
Another replied: “Please share this, this idiot needs to be stopped before someone gets killed”. 
Another added: “What the hell is going on in the world today? 

“This is shocking behaviour, the police should be doing something about this.”
Speaking today (MON), Christine said: “The car was hidden, so wasn’t in the drive. 
“They targeted his work van and tried to set it on fire.
It’s terrifying, it’s absolutely shocking, I had my 93-year-old mother and five grandchildren staying that night. 
“It feels like I can’t do anything in my own home. We have no idea whatsoever why.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 3am on Sunday, 12 September, officers were called to the Hillview area of Bogindollo, following a report of a van on fire.

“Enquiries into the full circumstances remain ongoing.”