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NewsScots PE teacher was so nervous during proposal that his fitness monitor...

Scots PE teacher was so nervous during proposal that his fitness monitor thought he was doing a workout

A SCOTS PE teacher was so nervous during his wedding proposal to his partner that his fitness heart rate monitor thought he was doing a workout.
Scott Hunter, who lives in Abu Dhabi, popped the question to his girlfriend Charlotte Rainford, from Warrington, Cheshire, on Thursday.

The 30-year-old, originally from Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, chose an aquarium at restaurant Ossiano in Dubai to get down on one knee.

Scott proposing to partner Charlotte.
Scott proposed to Charlotte by the aquarium in Ossiano.                                                                           (C) Scott Hunter

The Scots romantic arranged for a diver to hold up a “Charlotte, will you marry me?” sign.

But he was so nervous when asking the important question his WHOOP heart rate monitor band thought he was working out due to the drastic rise in his heart rate.

A screenshot from Scott’s WHOOP app shows that his heart rate went up to 180bpm from his usual average rate of 147bpm between 7:54pm and 8:27pm at the time.

Charlotte, 31, who works at the same school as Scott as the assistant to the Head of Secondary, was photographed covering her mouth in shock as Scott proposed.

Scott tweeted WHOOP about his proposal on Saturday, writing: “I proposed to my fiancé at the weekend and my heart was beating so hard that my @whoop thought I was doing a workout.” 
The tweet now has over 400 likes, with several people commenting on poor Scott’s alarming heart rate.
WHOOP replied: “Our favorite type of HR spike.
“Congratulations! Wishing you both all the best!”
@iamshack24 said: “That’s a lot of strain! Just wait until you’re actually married.”
@Cfeetsrevenge wrote: “Sleepless night before by the look of it too. Congrats.” 
@pmuir2007 added: “Freaking hilarious!”


Scott with his now-fiancée Charlotte.
Scott Hunter, 30 and Charlotte Rainford, 31.                                                                                            (C) Scott Hunter

Speaking today, Scott said: “We met a year ago in Abu Dhabi where we both now live.

“I decided I was going to pop the question so bought the ring in Glasgow this summer, told my mum and her mum then had to wait six weeks to propose. 

“We went to Atlantis Hotel on The Palm and had a table booked at Ossiano which is the restaurant where you look into the aquarium.

“I hired a diver to come down mid meal with a sign saying ‘Will you marry me?’ and I was so nervous my heart was pounding.

“This is where my WHOOP picked it up and thought I was doing a workout.

“She fortunately said yes and we are over the moon to start planning the wedding.

“It’s the best ‘workout’ I’ve ever done.”

WHOOP is a high-tech gadget fitness strap that guides people through exercise, recovery and sleep.

It is similar to a Fitbit but has sensors that collect data 100 times per second which is then viewable via the WHOOP app.

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