Harry Potter fan creates amazing Dobby crochet dolls after learning skill during lockdown


A HARRY Potter fan has created incredible Dobby the Elf crochet dolls after learning the skill during lockdown.

Josie Ruth Salter from Aberystwyth in Wales originally took up the hobby during the first Covid lockdown last year to help her mental health. 

The 34-year-old was a novice who had never picked up a knitting needle but soon found her knack for enjoying the relaxing hobby.

Dobby the house-elf
Dobby with his sock, which made him a free elf.                                                                            Credit: Josie Ruth Salter

It was after practicing for a few months that the stay-at-home mum decided to create her Dobby doll in tribute to her favourite Harry Potter character.

In the images, various Dobby’s are dressed in an array of different coloured shirts.

One doll features Dobby carrying a sock, the symbolic item of clothing that made him a free elf in the hit Warner Brothers movies.

Mum-of-three Josie proudly showed off her creations on social media this morning.

She said: “Made from Aldi best buy yarn. 

“Thought it might give people some happy smiles.

“I love Aldi yarn. It’s perfect, so definitely my best buy.”

The post has already received over 380 likes and dozens of comments from impressed Harry Potter fans, many who have told Josie to start selling her dolls. 

One impressed Facebook user said: “I absolutely love love love these. I would certainly love to have one.”

Another wrote: “That’s brilliant. You’re very talented, you should sell what you make.”

One group member commented: “Absolutely love this! Especially with his sock. You are so clever!”

And another fan added: “Love that he’s got his sock.”

The Harry Potter fan couldn’t believe the social media reaction to her dolls

Unfortunately, people will need to wait for more Dobby’s to be crocheted as Josie’s family have taken the five that she had made so far.

Josie created several Dobby dolls
Josie crafted several dolls which were quickly snapped up by friends and family.                              Credit: Josie Ruth Salter

Speaking today, Josie said: “Crocheting helped with my mental health, I got donated some wool and that’s how I got started. 

“I would definitely recommend crocheting to anyone that suffers from mental health, it’s a great way to escape from everything that’s happening in the world. 

“I really enjoy crocheting a lot and I love Harry Potter. 

“It’s a really lovely hobby to have especially through these hard times.

“My husband and mother-in-law thought Dobby was incredible.

“Both my daughters and son now want a Dobby for Christmas, they love him. 

“My younger daughter carries him around the house so proud of him.

“I never thought the Dobby would be so liked, it made my day.”