Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsAnimal NewsPod of dolphins filmed frolicking around beneath the Forth Road Bridge

Pod of dolphins filmed frolicking around beneath the Forth Road Bridge

AMAZING footage show dolphins frolicking around beneath the Forth Road Bridge.

Linsey Smith captured the stunning video while walking across the iconic bridge to South Queensferry, Edinburgh, on Monday.

The 40-year-old from Dunfermline, Fife was in the middle of the bridge when she spotted the pod splashing around in the murky water hundreds of feet below.

Around five dolphins could be seen leaping, jumping, and splashing in the Firth of Forth when Linsey managed to get an amazing aerial view.

Lindsay, a volunteer for Fife Young Carers, shared her footage and images on social media last night, writing: “Turned into quite an exciting walk across the bridge this morning.”

The post has now collected hundreds of likes with comments from viewers who loved the footage.

Bruce Meldrum said: “Brilliant, right time, right place.”

Dolphins under the Forth Road bridge
The dolphins were frolicking in the water. Credit: Linsey Smith

Irene McGill said: “Fabulous photos.”

Jill Martin said: “Wow, how amazing.”

Annie McIntosh said: “Thank you for sharing, amazing.”

Marianne Sandison said: “Great footage Linsey!

“The skiff is Queensferry Rowing Club’s Ferry Lass (always happy to welcome new rowers!).

“We had a great view from the water, but your videos are something special.

“We could hear you all enjoying the show from the bridge!”

Speaking today, Linsey said: “We like to go on a walk every day and decided to go over the bridge that day.

“We noticed a rowing boat in the water with their oars up and thought something might be happening as we heard a big splash.

“I got my first jog of the year as I ran to the middle of the bridge for a better view and we saw them leaping and jumping out of the water.

“We watched them for around 25 minutes, they were making their way between the Rail Bridge and the Road Bridge.

“We think there were maybe five of them.”

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