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Hilarious video shows dog owner sent flying by playful pooch pouncing on lap whilst sat on swing

A HILARIOUS video shows a dog owner being sent flying after his playful pooch pounced on his lap whilst he was sat on a swing set.

Alun Lloyd Davies was sent tumbling just moments after sitting on the basket swing on Saturday when his beloved pooch Hugo decided to try and join him.

The video shows 31-year-old Alun perched on the children’s swing where he begins to rock back and forth.

Three-year-old Hugo then begins to scramble onto the basket whilst Alun is mid-swing, but is unsuccessful on his first attempt.

Undeterred, the Lab takes another shot at it, jumping straight up onto Alun’s lap, causing him to lose his balance.

The pair then tumble back off the swing set, with Alun landing flat on his back before being playfully attacked by his beloved pooch.

Alun from Pontypridd, South Wales, shared the video to Facebook on Sunday night, writing: “Get a Labrador they said”.

The video has now collected over 430 likes, with dozens of comments from users who were left in stitches by the clip.

One user commented: “This is brilliant! Labs to a T!”

Another said: “That’s so funny. My Lab hates the kids going on the swings at the park, he goes crazy until they get off!”

A third person added: “Hilarious! No peace when you have a Lab, but we love them.”

Another user simply said: “Best laugh today!”

Alun Lloyd Davies sitting with his dog Hugo.
Three-year-old Hugo is “alway quite excitable” according to owner Alun. (C) Alun Llyod Davies

Speaking today, Alun said: “I was at my sister’s house visiting the family, and Hugo pretty much comes everywhere with me.

“He has this thing about swings and gets a bit anxious when I get on them.

“So, I tried to ignore him to enjoy myself on my niece and nephew’s swing when he got a little too excited and decided to try and rescue me!

“I was perfectly fine thankfully, I tried to hook my leg on the one rope to avoid a thud on the floor!

“He is always quite excitable! He’s full of life and keeps me going to be honest.

“I could never stay angry at him. He’s too adorable and cheeky at the same time.”

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