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Shocking video shows man shouting at young woman on train and threatening to take his penis out

A SHOCKING video shows a man shouting at a young woman on the London Underground and threatening to get his penis out.

The passenger, who wishes to remain anonymous, was taken aback when the man started shouting a barrage of abuse at her on the Central Line two weeks ago.

The foul-mouthed male, who appears to be in his mid 20s, allegedly started hurtling abuse at the 22-year-old after she rejected his advances.

Video shows the man coming just inches from the woman’s face and he screams at her while beginning to untie the waistband on his trousers.

The rowdy passenger then sits back down and continues to shout at the woman to “shut the f**k up”.

The heated confrontation continues as the man says: “For you, 2p”.

As another passenger attempts to restrain the man he lashes out and tries to kick the woman.

The man is then shown standing up, grabbing his waistband and saying: “I’ll take out my d**k and I’ll piss all over you.”

Moments later he again sits down and proceeds to completely undo the knot in his waistband while continuing to stare at the woman.

Just as it seems the man is about to leave the train, he turns back and runs towards the woman before the pair are heard having a heated exchange.

The woman who captured the footage shared it on TikTok where attracted over 6,000 comments from shocked viewers.

One said: “He should get done for that he’s vile. I’m glad you’re safe.”

Another wrote: “A terrible, terrible situation, I am so sorry this happened to you!”

A third added: “I’m so pleased you filmed this and that he’s going to face the law.

“He’s in for a spot of justice.”

Another replied: “Well done for standing your ground, why should you move?”

While one person commented: “I hope you’re okay, I got chills watching that video.

“He was so aggressive but you are so, so brave. Love and respect.”

Speaking today, the woman said: “I boarded the central line after work and I sat down and he kept trying to make conversation.

“I gave him a friendly smile and then I ignored him as I didn’t feel like I wanted to speak to him.

Man abuses woman on underground
The man threatened to take his penis out multiple times.

“He kept saying ‘baby please’ and then because I ignored him he grabbed and pulled my leg and I asked him not to touch me.

“Then he started shouting vile stuff at me such as I am a dumb b***h and he could pay 2p for a woman like me.

“I was just in shock that someone would just pull my leg like that because they were ignored.

“The things he was saying honestly got to me, I was surprised someone could even speak about women this way.

“I was quite angry and wasn’t going to let him bully and intimidate me off the train, I’ve honestly had enough because this kind of stuff always happens.

“That’s why I stood my ground and argued back because staying quiet didn’t do anything.”

A spokeswoman for the British Transport Police today said: “British Transport Police received a report of a man sexually harassing and acting aggressively towards a passenger on a Central Line service near Bethnal Green at around 3am on Saturday 11 June.

“Enquiries into the incident are ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 617 of 13/06/22.”

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