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Pub landlady adamant establishment is haunted after claiming to have captured several glasses ‘randomly’ smashing

A LANDLADY is adamant her pub is haunted after claiming to have captured several glasses spontaneously smashing in front of punters.

Georgina Sampson has been shutting down sceptics who don’t believe a ghost is responsible for the incidents at The New Wellington pub in Newmarket, West Suffolk.

The 32-year-old has captured three videos on CCTV of bizarre happenings at the establishment over the last year.

One video, captured on Saturday, shows Georgina pulling a pint at the bar before it smashes in her hand.

While another video, filmed in April this year, shows a group of men chatting away at a table together before a glass appears to slide off the table.

A third clip, taken in August last year, shows two punters sitting at a table together while a full pint explodes in front of them, spilling beer all over the table.

Two men sitting at a table covered in beer.
Two punters were caught off-guard when their pint exploded in front of them.

Georgina has been posting the videos on TikTok this week where they have racked up over 113,000 views so far.

She posted the video from August on Tuesday, writing: “The ghost that likes to smash glass for no reason.”

The clips have attracted scepticism from viewers, despite Georgia being certain of paranormal activity.

One said: “Pint glass taken straight from the washing machine hot and cold beer put in it.”

Another wrote: Probably had a chip or fracture in the glass already. 2, come out of the glass wash warm and cold beer has been put straight in. Not haunted ffs.”

A third commented: “Well this would only be an issue if ghosts existed.

“As they don’t, everyone can just go about their day.”

A fourth added: “Happens when glass has weakened over time. I’ve had a glass explode in my hand when collecting it from the cold beer garden.”

Despite social media users being dubious about the nature of the incidents, Georgina remains set on the idea that the pub’s phantom friend is responsible.

Speaking today, Georgina said: “The two lads [in August] had been sat down for 5-10 minutes, having ordered dinner and a pint, and then this happened.

“I originally looked at the CCTV to see if they’d accidentally knocked it over, but they were telling me it was like it exploded from the bottom up like a volcano.

“I know for a fact it wasn’t a hot glass as I poured it myself, we weren’t busy enough to have used all the cold glassware.

“They had the pint for ten minutes before that happened… It would’ve broken much, much before that.

A woman stood behind a bar holding half of a pint glass.
Georgina Sampson was left stunned after a glass exploded while she was pulling a pint.

When talking about the pint glass breaking in her hand, Georgina said: “I wish I had taken a picture of it, it was literally split in half.

“All the customers basically said, ‘What the f*ck! How on earth did that happen?’ We were in shock.

“The one falling off the table was definitely out of nowhere. An empty glass, it was the only one on a table full of them and it was in exactly the same place as the exploding glass.

“We were all in disbelief, the guys at the table didn’t think I’d believe them when they said they hadn’t knocked it, but if you keep looking, they don’t move. The table doesn’t move.

“It’s definitely very odd.

“We do joke about there being a ghost in the pub when lights have come on that we’ve turned off, or doors have been pinned open when we’ve shut them.

“But nothing to this extent.

“I would honestly love it to be a ghost. I saw one in my previous pub. It’s definitely unexplained for us.”

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