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Bizarre video shows “Big Show” blocking road in a zombie-like trance – before attempting to attack the cameraman with a cone

A BIZARRE video shows a man blocking a road in a zombie-like trance – before turning into the “Big Show” and attempting to attack the cameraman with a cone.

Zedk from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire was picking up a friend from his house on Sunday night when they happened across the bizarre sight.

The 23-year-old noticed an unidentified man in the middle of the road, stood motionless by a traffic cone – before he springs into action and attempts to clatter Zedk’s car with the same cone.

The video begins with musician Zedk and his friend driving towards the bald man in the middle of the road – who is dressed in a white polo shirt, black jeans and a pair of glasses.

The man is unmoving, and stands facing straight down whilst holding the top of the orange traffic cone, resembling some sort of epic superhero stance.

Zedk then says: “Bro, why is this guy blocking the road like this?”

He then shouts out the car window as the vehicle slowly approaches the man, saying: “Yo, Superman! Yo broski, what are you doing bro? Yo? Hello?”

The man remains in an eerily still stance for a few more seconds before his head snaps up and he lifts the cone to this midriff, wielding it like a medieval battering ram.

The man then lets out a monstrous shriek before running at the vehicle and attempting to batter the car with the cone.

The two men in the car laugh in shock as they take off in terror away from the maniacal man, with Zedk shouting: “Yo, motherf***er.”

Zedk uploaded the clip to social media on Monday with the caption: “Welcome to Stoke-On-Trent, man just resurrected out of nowhere and turned into the Big Show.”

The video has received over 115,000 likes and more than 1,800 comments from users left in bewilderment at the man’s actions.

One user joked: “Potter Payper is mining mad,” in a reference to the man’s resemblance to the bespectacled British rapper.

Another wrote: “I think Roza got to him.”

A third said: “Leave lollipop lady alone.”

Another replied: “Pretty normal day in Stoke.”

A fifth quipped: “He thought that he was in them scary movie scenes.”

Speaking today Zedk said: “I don’t even know what to say, I was just parked up waiting to pick up a friend, we drove down the road and just saw this – I wasn’t expecting him to turn into a zombie though.

“I thought he was casting a spell on a cone or something – it looked like something out of a horror movie.

“It was like 2am that’s what makes it more funny, just a random guy in the middle of the road at 2am breathing into a cone.

“He was there for like a good five to ten minutes, we just laughed and drove off to leave him too it.”

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