Judy Murray blasts her £8 Wimbledon Pimm’s for too much foliage


JUDY MURRAY has blasted the Pimm’s at Wimbledon for having too much “foliage”.

The Scot dared to critique one of the championship’s best loved traditions yesterday after being served the £8-a-time drink stuffed with massive sprigs of mint.

The gin-based spirit is mixed with lemonade and fruit to make the iconic tennis tipple but a bartender near centre court appeared to have got carried away while serving Andy’s mother.




Pimm’s themselves admitted it was not the “best serve” they’d seen this week.

Judy, who has been at Wimbledon all week, posted a snap of her drinks on twitter just hours after her son sailed through to the third round of the men’s singles.

Next to the photo taken with the grass courts of the All-England Club in the background she wrote: “I love to Pimm. But seriously, what’s with the foliage overdose? #pointless”

As well as the usual cucumber and fruit pieces, sticks of mint can be seen hanging out the top of the glass.




About 230,000 glasses of the very British cocktail are sold at Wimbledon each year. A large one will now set you back 20p more than the £7.80 it cost in 2014.

Some tried to convince Judy of the upside to excessive greenery like ?Carol Strach who replied: “It’s the health option Judy, healthy!”

But others were more critical of the efforts of bar staff.

Joanne Davies ?wrote: ”That is ridiculous!! Will go up your nose!!”

Grant Kane ?added: I’d be more concerned about the spillage as a result of too much foliage.”




While someone calling himself Partick Princess claimed: “Sloppy delivery too!! #PimmsOClock”

The official twitter account for the drink also responded to the unusual garnishing.

“Certainly not the best serve we’ve seen this week,” @PimmsGB wrote. “Do we spy an unforced error in the foreground?”

This is not the first time the club’s take on Pimm’s has faced criticism.

Last year scientific analysis revealed tennis fans were getting Pimm’s from Wimbledon so diluted it had just 2.5 per cent alcohol – half as strong as is officially recommended.

A spokesman said that customers could request a Pimm’s without ice if they did not want to water their drink down.

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