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BusinessBridezilla row boss ditched from wedding job

Bridezilla row boss ditched from wedding job

THE EVENTS planner at the centre of the “bridezilla” row has been sidelined from organising weddings at Balgonie Castle.

Kelly Morris caused an international media storm last week after telling a bride-to-be to “get f****d” on a Facebook bridal page.

Within 24 hours Mrs Morris received a death threat and was advised by police to keep CCTV running and put the castle on “lock down”.

Despite that, her name appeared on a Bridezilla Vet Support Group Facebook page set up earlier this week, which has now either disappeared or been made private.

The website of the castle near Markinch, Fife, now makes it clear that Mrs Morris is no longer in charge of managing weddings.

Ms Morris will no longer be organising the weddings
Ms Morris will no longer be organising the weddings

The update on the castle’s website reads: “Balgonie has had a change of management.

“Stuart Morris of Balgonie will be dealing with weddings and events.

“Laird Balgonie will be in charge of all the tours.”

Stuart Morris is married to Kelly Morris and Laird Raymond Morris is her father-in-law.

Despite the row, Mrs Kelly earlier this week appeared on a newly-created Facebook Group called “Bridezilla Vet Support Group”.

She was the only member and admin in the initially public group and was listed as creator of the page.

A definition of the term “bridezilla” was posted stating: “A woman whose behaviour in planning the details of her wedding is regarded as obsessive or intolerably demanding.”

The description was later changed to: “This is a support group for wedding suppliers who have had to deal with Bridezillas. You can tell your story and vent. Don’t give any names or dates.”

The “support group” was initially public but disappeared within 24 hours.

Mrs Morris came under fire last week after calling future bride, Henia Roy, a “bridezilla” and telling her and her “cronies” to “get f*****”.

The row began when Henia from Glenrothes, Fife posted a query in a Scottish bride forum saying: “How many brides are paying for their day meal three months in front of their special day?”

Mrs Morris responded: “I do not have the patience to deal with Bridezillas” before posting full details of the bride’s contract.

She later told Henia, and anyone criticising her business, that they “can all get f***ed” before threatening legal action.”

Police Scotland confirmed this week that investigations over the death threat are still ongoing.

Despite repeated phone calls and emails, no-one was available for comment from Balgonie Castle.

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