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Police probe terror threat written on college toilet door

POLICE are investigating a bizarre terrorist threat that was neatly written on an entire toilet door at a Scottish college.

The message, written on the back of a toilet door at Edinburgh College’s Granton Campus, claims that there is an “imminent threat” of gunmen or explosives between today (April 20) and May 5.

The author, who wrote in black ink, claims to have overheard conversation in a “secret” bar – where individuals were apparently planning attacks.

In the warning the writer lists Edinburgh College’s Sighthill and Granton Campuses, Napier University, Ocean Terminal and Currie Community High School as targets in the threat.

The neatly-written “warning” covered almost the entire door

Images of the threat began to appear online soon after staff and police were made aware of it on Monday.

It reads: “I go to a few bars around Edinburgh and Glasgow. They’re mostly secret – for extremists, thieves and people who do a lot of dirty work.”

In these bars he claims to have overheard conversations with a “particular group of individuals”.

As as result, he says: “I am writing this to warn the following: Edinburgh College Sighthill and Granton campus, Napier uni, Ocean Terminal and possibly a school called Currie in Edinburgh.

“I strongly recommend these locations get evacuated between the following dates 20 April and 5 May.

“There is an imminent threat possibly heading towards these locations involving gunmen and/or explosives.

“The individuals behind these plans are absolute lunatic and extremely delusional. They have done some nasty stuff in the past that has led me to believe that this is a legitimate threat.

“I hope you attend to this message immediately and take precautionary action.”

Yesterday (TUES) parents at Currie school in Edinburgh were sent a letter by the headteacher, reassuring them that the possibility of an attack was being treated seriously.

It read: “I wish to reassure you that we are following police advice and if the police advice is that further action is required we will act without hesitation. The safety of pupils and staff is paramount.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Police in Edinburgh are investigating reports of threatening a communication that was found on a bathroom door within an education building in North Edinburgh on Monday 18th April.

“Inquiries are at an early stage and police are working closely with partners to provide reassurance to the public.”

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