Amazing moment “legend” drinker smokes and downs Guinness – at same time


A DRINKER has been dubbed a “legend” after video showed him downing Guinness and smoking a cigarette – at the same time.

Jude O’ Neill’s remarkable trick involves first flicking the hand-rolled ciggie into his mouth.

The 24-year-old then takes a swig of stout before flicking the cigarette out again and taking a heavy draw to prove it’s still lit.

Jude, originally from Derry, performed the trick at his local, the Liffey Bar in Renshaw Street, Liverpool.

He uploaded the clip on Tuesday to a Facebook group called Rate my Rollie.

Members of the group, who can be ruthless with their roll-up ratings, were blown away by Jude’s trick.

The clip begins with a shot of Jude in a bar, holding a pint of Guinness as Conleth McGeary, sings Grace, a famous Irish ballad, in the background.

He reaches forward off camera and takes somebody’s rollie, taking a draw as he prepares himself.

He holds the fag and his pint out, steadies himself, then places the fag in his mouth, looking to be under his tongue.

The cigarette is flicked into his mouth, and he holds his pint to his mouth, appearing to a take a long and satisfying gulp.

With the music playing on, the cigarette flicks miraculously back out into position in his mouth.

Jude, ready for his pint after flicking the fag in his mouth.

Without his hands even touching the fag, the end glows red as Jude takes a draw, and the video ends.

Speaking today, Jude said: “I can’t tell you how it’s done but I saw my da do it years ago and I thought it was cool so I learned it.

“He’s off the fags ten years and can still do it better. Never saw no one else do it.”

He added: “I can tell you the glass is marked to prove that Guinness has been drunk.”

Many Facebook users were impressed, describing Jude as a “legend”.

Kieran Corstorphine wrote: “Canna wrap my head round this.”

Jonny Mckay commented: “Grace being sung in the background gives it a good 10/10.”

Ryan Forde said: “The most loved man in this group right now.”

A look of satisfaction after performing the trick successfully.

Ebony Wallace wrote: “Legend.”

Marty Stow said: “Legend.”

John Connell commented: “What a legend.”

However, there were some who refused to believe any Guinness had been drunk, and pondered the machinations of the trick.

Corey Williams Thomas wrote: “He never put any liquid in his mouth.”

Florian Varga added: “Now spit the beer out, faker daker.”

Brendan Dymond remarked: “He didn’t even drink anything.”

But Jude replied: “Must have been drinking something. They didn’t throw me out for nothing.”