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NewsUber threaten to cancel Duncan Bannatyne's contract after daughter, 17, takes solo...

Uber threaten to cancel Duncan Bannatyne’s contract after daughter, 17, takes solo trips

UBER threatened to cancel Duncan Bannatyne’s contract after he allowed his teenage daughter to travel unaccompanied in one of their vehicles.

The Scottish tycoon fell foul of Uber‘s rules which ban under-18s travelling without an adult.

Bannatyne, who is currently based at his $4m Miami apartment, had been using Uber to get his 17-year-old daughter to school.

Bannatyne wrote yesterday: “My daughter has been using an Uber account for eight months now. Going to school and back etc.

“Today [yesterday Wed] the Uber driver refused to take her on the basis she is only 17. He said it is a new law. Is this correct or a rogue driver?

Bannatyne explains to a Twitter user his problem with the company

He added later on: “Just be aware. At Uber Support. A representative from Uber called me and said this is a warning that my account will be suspended if I ever allow my 17 year old daughter to use it unassisted.

“His exact words ‘take this as a warning’.”

Bannatyne added the he “must open account” with Lyft, a rival to Uber, based in San Francisco.

He said: “Didn’t expect Uber to call me at home and threaten me or give me ‘warnings’. I’m sure Lyft won’t do that.

“My problem is them calling me at home and threatening and warning me. Very aggressive language.”

Despite his complaint, Bannatyne was struggling for sympathy from his followers.

@Mr_Mylie_Muncher pointed out the same rules is in UberUK terms and conditions, adding: “Unfortunately their partners break this rule all the time as it also states it has to be the account holder that travels.”

The dragon ended sending the company a message making them aware of the “aggressive” representative

@LeviKirkman501 wrote: “The issue is, Duncan, Lyft has the same under-18 policy. I hate it when the rich think they should receive different treatment.”

@ajm968 added: “Child protection. Sensible driver…. as for Duncan Bannatyne allowing a child to be driven alone by a complete stranger… hmm.”

@LonelyBoyNo1 said: “What’s wrong with a normal cab…where 30% of the fare doesn’t go to a trillion dollar company.”

Bannatyne replied: “There are no cabs that will do it and when calling them they are very unreliable.

Not many people were very sympathetic towards Bannatyne

“You don’t live here so you don’t know the situation. Normal cabs are not well paid in Miami Beach area anyway.”

@johnmil82 added: “Drive a car you are a multi millionaire.”

Bannatyne responded: “Me? Take a job from someone driving for a living. Really. You job thief.”

Uber support apologised to Bannatyne and told him to check is emails so they could deal with the problem.

They wrote: “Hi Duncan! We’re incredibly sorry to hear about the trouble, we want to do all we can to get this sorted.

“It seems a member of our team has reached out to you. Please check your email and follow up with them there.”

An Uber spokeswoman said: “Rude or aggressive behaviour from an Uber agent is completely unacceptable, and we are investigating these allegations.”

She added: “In regards to a minor using the Uber app, our community guidelines are are clear on this matter, only adults over the age of 18 can have an Uber account, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

“Breach of these guidelines can lead to account being suspended or deactivated.”

A Uber insider suggested Bannatyne’s use of his account could be examined.

“Any violation of any of these guidelines will be investigated and necessary action taken,” said the source.

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