Dramatic footage shows learner driver swerve into path of overtaking car – narrowly avoiding crash


THIS is the moment a learner moped driver is almost flattened after swerving into the path of a car trying to overtake him.

The dashcam footage, taken in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, shows the learner veer out just as the cam car is about to pass.

The car was being driven by local Kieron Brown who filmed the incident on 5 May.

As the clip begins, Kieron is seen driving along with the moped up ahead.

The learner driver appears to move to the left initially to allow Kieron to pass, but just as he is about to he swerves to the right.

He crosses the central line and moves directly into Kieron’s path, forcing him to slam on the brakes.

He manages to stop with inches to spare, and the moped driver slows before speeding off again towards a T-junction.

Kieron was feet away from colliding with the moped. Image Kieron Brown

However, in his haste to get away, he misjudges the turn and mounts a pavement.

He goes whizzing towards a hedge, managing to stop just short of falling in.

A furious Kieron took to social media to vent about the driver’s behaviour.

He shared the footage with the caption:“How to ride a moped like a complete c***.

“Ride with no hands just before making a turn.

“Swerve into the right hand lane to turn left. Swearing courtesy of me. Music courtesy of Van Halen.

The moped rider almost hit a hedge while they tried to get away. Image Kieron Brown

“And yes, I did stop to have a word or three.”

Kieron’s post has shocked social media users.

Lee Turner wrote: “What a b***end.”

Michael Taitt said: “Blimey! Was he trying to end his life?”

And Paul Bullock added: “Lmfao you followed him home?”

Kieron then confirmed he went to confront the driver.

He wrote in the comments: “The lad threw me a load of abuse as did his brother who came squaring up.

“Then mum showed up and it was sorted.”