Saturday, May 28, 2022
In Brief"That's just being nasty" - Video shows car whizzing through large puddle...

“That’s just being nasty” – Video shows car whizzing through large puddle – completely soaking pedestrian

A VIDEO has emerged showing a car whizzing through a large puddle at speed – causing a woman to be completely drenched.

James White, 56, was appalled when he captured the driver dashing through the lights and failing to slow down causing his vehicle to soak the woman from head to toe.

The textile worker was driving along Long Causeway road in Perth when he captured the lady being soaked by the motorist.

The short clip begins with James approaching the junction that has traffic lights and the road is flooded.

Two cars are seen in front of him one moves to the right and slows down going through the puddle.

The car behind it continues driving at the same speed they were doing when they entered the traffic lights, which was about 30 miles per hour.

They drive through the puddle causing the water to rise above the cars roof and her head, covering her with water as she was walking on the street despite having an umbrella to keep her head dry.

The car continues to drive as if nothing happened but, the woman slightly jumps and looks in shock as she gets soaked by the water spray. She then looks down at her drenched clothing as the car speeds away. 

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The woman was left completely drenched after the water sprayed right above her head.

James then drives through the puddle very slowly to avoid soaking the woman as it is a criminal offence to do so.

The dash cam clip, filmed on Wednesday was posted on Facebook last Friday captioned with: “That’s just being nasty. Pedestrian soaked.”

Nicky Athey wrote under the post: “It’s annoying when that happens, and this year it’s very dangerous, because you never know what germs are leaking in that rain water from the ground.”

Mike Mason said: “Criminal offence now.”

Speaking today, James said: “As you know our eyes work better than a dashcam , she got it right in the face. I felt sorry for her because the driver was a p***k. 

“The woman did get soaked from top to bottom, probably on her way to work. She was not amused to say the least. I would have stopped but you can’t there.

“Police here are a waste of time. Everyone that travels past that junction knows that that puddle is there”.

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