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NewsSir Chris Hoy gives approval to Scotland's newest "Sir Grits Hoy" gritter

Sir Chris Hoy gives approval to Scotland’s newest “Sir Grits Hoy” gritter

SCOTLAND has unveiled yet another ice-gritter which is named after Sir Chris Hoy – and the Olympic cyclist has given his approval.

The orange coloured truck was announced yesterday and has been named “Sir Grits Hoy”, paying homage to the 44-year-old Olympic gold medalist.

The newly-named truck will be servicing the South West Trunk Road Network and was named by the public.

Sir Chris Hoy gives approval to Scotland's newest "Sir Grits Hoy - Scottish News
The new gritter even has a bicycle seat, wheel and frame plastered on its side.

Images of the new gritter were shared on Twitter yesterday, much to the delight of the trucks namesake and social media users.

Pictures show the orange truck plastered with the words “Sir Grits Hoy” along the top of it.

Next to the name is a small bicycle, again paying homage to Sir Chris.

Sharing the pictures, South West Trunk Roads Network said: “Sir Grits Hoy is the fourteenth gritter named for South West Trunk Roads by the Scottish public.”

The new name has immediately earned the seal of approval from the Scots cyclist who replied to the images of the gritter with: “Love it!!”

Sir Chris Hoy gives approval to Scotland's newest "Sir Grits Hoy - Scottish News
Pictures of the new gritter where shared onto Twitter.

Fellow Scots have also chimed in on the new gritter.

@Beaumontracing said: “That’s brilliant.”

@Andrew_coley posted: “Epic! NOW you’ve made it.”

@scarletrix tweeted: “Ah, there’s nothing like Scottish twitter sometimes.”

Chris, from Edinburgh, is an eleven times world champion in track cycling and has won a whopping seven Olympic medals.

Overall, Hoy has won six gold medals and one silver. Meaning he is the second most decorated Olympic cyclist of all time.

Sir Chris Hoy gives approval to Scotland's newest "Sir Grits Hoy - Scottish News
Chris Hoy even shared his thoughts on the new gritter.

He came to prominence after winning three gold medals at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Due to his amazing record, Chris is Scotland’s most successful Olympian.

Mark Arndt, Account Director with Amey’s Scottish South-West Unit, today (THUR) said: “We are delighted that “Sir Grits Hoy” is joining our new winter service fleet on Scotland’s south-west trunk road network.

“The majority of our gritter names have been selected from over 1,200 suggestions submitted by the public over the festive period; and naming a gritter in honour of multiple World and Olympic champion Sir Chris was a popular choice.

“This newly christened vehicle will be joining other iconic gritters including “Yes Sir, Ice Can Boogie”, “Spreddie Van Halen” and IRN BRU’s “Grits You Through” keeping Scotland moving over the winter period.”

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