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“Even the police don’t care” Shocking video shows drunks damaging taxi while cop vehicles drives by

A SHOCKING video shows two drunk women rolling around on top of a taxi and refusing to get off while two police vehicles are shown just driving by.

The clip, captured in Lichfield city centre in Staffordshire on Saturday night, captured the intoxicated duo damaging the taxi while the driver was still inside.

A taxi driver is shown sitting inside his vehicle and sitting waiting for customers and while the girls are walking home they decide to climb on the vehicle.

The clip shows the taxi driver waiting inside the car for his next pick up while a brunette woman in a black dress is shown crawling over the bonnet on all fours.

The female then kneels up and screeches “it’s corona, we need to get home” at the taxi driver.

A blonde female then comes into view and is shown walking over to the driver’s window as he beeps his horn to deter the women.

At this point two police vans are shown driving past, just inches from where the incident is unfolding.

The blonde, who is wearing red trousers and a black top, then decides to join her friend by laying across the bonnet.

The person filming is heard saying: “How did they not even pull over, what the f***?”

The driver continues to beep his horn as the brunette hits the windscreen in response before crawling up against the glass.

The blonde woman is perched against the bonnet before she is shown staggering around to approach the driver again.

The woman gesturing on top of the taxi - UK News
The drunk woman gesturing on the roof of the car as her friends cheer her on

The brunette woman is then shown tumbling backwards off the taxi before lying on her back on the ground.

The clip then skips to show the same woman kneeling on top of the taxi and dancing around while shocked locals watch on in horror.

The video was uploaded onto Facebook by Taxi Dave on Sunday, writing: “This was sent to me from another Lichfield taxi driver who wanted to show the lack of support taxi drivers get from the police when incidents like this happen.

“You’ve all seen my videos before so you are well aware that drunk people do stupid things, it may seem funny but that taxi is how that taxi driver pays his bills and looks after his family.

“That taxi is damaged now and he will be off the road until it is sorted.

“I am shocked that two police vans passed by and took no notice! She’s even laughing and shouting that ‘even the police don’t care’.”

The video has been viewed over 8,000 times and shocked viewers online.

Sue Smith said: “I would or reversed, like someone else said, and for the police to just drive past.”

Dave Wherton said: “Alcohol = stupidity.”

Ian Taylor added: “Sharp reverse would take care of that mess.”

An image of the city centre street wherethe incident took place - UK News
An image of the city centre street where the incident took place, the police drove by without so much as stopping

Others were shocked that the police did not pull over despite the driver beeping his horn for help.

Sammy J said: “Typical drunk Cannock chavs. And of course the racist police turn a blind eye because it’s a white-on-minority crime.”

Peter Iain Roberts said: “The police that says it all about the state of our police at the moment, not concerned with small jobs like that.”

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