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Heartbroken schoolboy who lost Peter Rabbit soft toy receives postcards from “teddy” from across the globe

A HEARTBROKEN schoolboy who lost his beloved Peter Rabbit soft toy has been receiving postcards from the “teddy” from across the globe. 

Kind-hearted people from as far as Australia have been sending Ethan McCann postcards from Peter Rabbit after spotting a Facebook post earlier this month.

Little Ethan, 6, lost his treasured Peter Rabbit toy that he has had since birth while on holiday in Brixham, Devon four weeks ago.

Little Ethan McCann with his postcards - UK News
Ethan lost Peter Rabbit on holiday. (C) Roz Ainsworth

His grandmother Roz Ainsworth sent out a plea on Facebook urging the public to keep an eye out for her grandson’s favourite toy.

But the family were overjoyed when they began receiving postcards claiming to be from the Peter Rabbit teddy itself.

Ethan, from Redditch, Worcestershire, had been crying every day for four weeks until he started receiving postcards which had written as if they were from Peter himself.

The amazing turn of events began when a kind stranger spotted the post and reached out to Roz asking for Ethan’s address. 

The first postcard arrived showing Peter Rabbit standing proudly with his Three Lions top taken from a 1998 David Beckham doll top.

The Facebook post grandmother Roz shared - UK News
Peter Rabbit can be seen wearing a 1998 England top from a David Beckham doll.                (C) Roz Ainsworth

Shortly after the family started receiving touching letters from people in France, Scotland and all across the world claiming to be from Peter Rabbit.

One postcard read: “Hello Ethan, I’m having a great time after Wembley, I went on an adventure with my new girlfriend. I miss you and will be back soon. Peter and Flopsy xxx.”

Another said: “Flopsy and I are now up in Scotland and are making lots of friends. 

“There are lots and lots of rabbits up there. We are missing you, Ethan and will be back really soon.” 

Speaking today Roz said: “Peter Rabbit has been with him since he was born. He absolutely loves him and takes him everywhere. 

“He has been to all the family celebrations and was really part of the family.

“Just before we went to Brixham on holiday Ethan wanted a matching England top for his teddy for the Euros, so I had a look in some boxes and found an England top from a 1998 Beckham doll. 

“I then repaired his feet as he was getting scruffy being nearly seven years old. We went to the beach on the number 12 bus and Ethan left Peter on the bus. 

“We posted on Facebook and someone said they had seen the toy and handed him in, so we phoned Stagecoach but they had no record of him in lost property. 

“Ethan was heartbroken and crying every night for weeks. He really wasn’t happy.” 

Ethan has had Peter since birth - UK News
The school boy has now received over 30 postcards.                                                                (C) Roz Ainsworth

Roz then took to Facebook to urge people to keep an eye out for the beloved soft toy and shortly after postcards from Peter started arriving.

The 67-year-old continued: “He was so happy and is looking for the post everyday. He is six and he’s a smart boy so he was a bit sceptical. 

“He asked, ‘How is Peter writing the cards?’ But we just made up little stories to keep it going.” 

The family were overwhelmed with the response: “People can be so kind, people have sent presents and paid money to make special cards.

“Someone photoshopped Peter with the England team onto a postcard, he asked ‘How come we never see him on tv?’ I just said he will be hiding with Gareth Southgate in the dressing room.” 

Roz posted about Ethan’s postcards on Facebook this morning and has received hundreds of comments from social media users.

Sarah McCoy said: “Oh I just love this! It’s made me so emotional. What beautiful people!” 

Andrea George said: “Lump in my throat what a fantastic way to help a little boy so heartwarming.” 

Stefan Haubenreich wrote: “Unbelievable kindness from everyone here.” 

While Yvonne Knowles added: “When you are feeling low and wondering what else life has in store for you, you read something like this and it restores your faith in human kindness.” 

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