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Stunning footage shows Scot cruising around the “three bridges” on electric surfboard

STUNNING footage shows a thrill-seeker Scot cruising around the three Forth bridges on his electric surfboard.
Lloyd Blyth took his eFoil board out on the Firth of Forth on Wednesday so he could explore the Forth Bridge, Forth Road Bridge and Queensferry Crossing
In the clip, the 26-year-old, from Burntisland, Fife, appears to be hovering over the water, with Lloyd describing the experience as “Back to the Future, Scottish edition”.


The incredible video shows the commercial diver directly under the iconic red Forth Bridge with his GoPro capturing the impressive infrastructure from the unique angle. 
Lloyd glides through the water effortlessly as he examines the bridge that was voted Scotland’s Greatest Man-Made Wonder in 2016.

He is also captured exploring the Forth Road Bridge, roaming under it as the sun continues to shine around him.
The video then shows Lloyd getting up close and personal around the Queensferry Crossing, which opened in 2017. 
A 360 degree shot shows most of the 2,700 metre bridge as Lloyd glides around underneath.

Lloyd Blyth Forth Bridge - Scottish News
Lloyd started at the Forth Bridge and filmed it on his GoPro.                                                                        (C) Lloyd Blyth

The 26-year-old bought the board three weeks ago, having fallen in love with eFoiling when he borrowed his brother’s board at Christmas time last year. 
Lloyd posted a segment of the footage from his Forth Rail Bridge exploration on Facebook yesterday with the caption: “eFoil Forth Rail Bridge Scotland”
The video now has over 16,000 views and more than 500 likes.

Hundreds of impressed viewers have commented on the clip.
Aubrey Fox-Clark said: “That’s absolutely fantastic”. 
Zac Noble said: “I’m certain your wet boots are glued onto that board , you make it look too easy”.
Rab Maxwell said: “That’s brilliant Lloyd… The s*** you get up to never ceases to amaze me”.

Lloyd Blyth Queensferry Crossing - Scottish News
Lloyd’s expedition finished at the Queensferry Crossing.                                                                              (C) Lloyd Blyth

And Gary Dawes added: “Silver surfer strikes again”.
Speaking today Lloyd said: “I’ve been heading out at the bridges as it doesn’t matter about the tide there, it goes quickly into deep water so I can efoil at any time. 
“The issue with the eFoil is that if it’s shallower than one metre you’ll hit rocks and damage it.
“I was just out for a daunder to see all three bridges on a nice day and got some footage of it!” 
“It was a great experience travelling under all three bridges on the same day, never mind on a board that hovers over water.
“It’s like Back to the Future, Scottish edition!”

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