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“Good catch” Quick-thinking punter filmed catching dog that fell out of window above pub

AN INCREDIBLE video shows a quick-thinking punter managing to catch a dog that fell out of a window above his head at a pub.
Adam Ravenhall was captured on CCTV catching the Jack Russell after it fell from a building above the Mount Pleasant Pub in Kingswinford, Staffordshire yesterday.
The pooch had been found wandering around lost and was put in the flat upstairs until its owner was able to collect it.


But after attempting to take a peek out of the open window, the terrier slipped and ended up sliding down the roof.

CCTV footage shows Adam, 29, who plays football for the pub team, looking upwards in the beer garden after spotting the dog’s tumble.
After a couple of seconds, the carpenter is shown moving into position ready to save the dog as a man sitting at a table beside him looks up in horror. 
The dog then appears from the sky after leaping towards Adam who manages to catch him and prevent the pooch from sustaining any serious injuries.
While Adam tries to place the Jack Russell on the ground gently, it wriggles free and ends up landing on its head. 
But the hardy dog shakes off the fall and is then shown enthusiastically running off before the clip ends.
The video was posted on the pub’s Facebook page, with the caption: “When one of the Mount football team catches a dog jumping from an upstairs window”. 

The video has now been viewed over 10,000 times, with several people commenting on Adam’s heroics.

Adam Ravenhall in position - Animal News UK
Adam got in position when he saw the dog slipping from the roof.                                                                  (C) Neil Lacey

Lisa Sutherland said: “Ahh that’s amazing, well done”. 
Deborah Bird said: “Great catch luckily for the dog…” 
Jayne Marie Wright said: “OMG that bloke needs a medal and a free pint, well done”. 
And Luke Stone added: “What the hell possessed the dog to jump from an upstairs window? 
“Damn good catch though! Good on you”.

Speaking today, Adam said: “The dog fell off the window ledge, and when it was trying to get back in the window it slid down the roof and jumped.

Adam Ravenhall dog catch - Animal News UK
Adam managed to catch the Jack Russell as it plummeted from the roof.                                                        (C) Neil Lacey

“I read the situation a mile off, as soon as it was on the ledge I thought ‘this can’t go right’.

“I just got into position, I went to where I thought the dog would fall.

“It would probably have died, it was just a small dog.”
Neil Lacey, who owns the Mount Pleasant Pub, today (MON) said: “The dog was found beside the park over the road from the pub. 
“We put it in the flat upstairs whilst they had their carvery after the game. 
“The dog climbed out the window and onto the roof and someone said ‘the dog’s on the roof.’’ 
“I ran back inside to say to one of the staff ‘get up to the flat, the dog’s on the roof’. 
“Luckily Adam was there to catch it.” 

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