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Pedestrian baffled after spotting raw chicken cable-tied to sign post outside bank

A PEDESTRIAN was left baffled after spotting a raw chicken cable-tied to a lamp post outside a bank in London.

Grahame Mitchell, 55, spotted the peculiar sight outside the Royal Bank of England in central London two weeks ago. 

After noticing the bird, Grahame, who works in IT, decided to snap a picture of the whole chicken which was attached to the post at around eye level. 

Chicken cable tied to a sign post | London News
The chicken was a bizarre sight hung up outside the Bank of England.                                                (C) Grahame Mitchell

The bizarre picture shows the uncooked poultry strung up to the post by its wings in front of a busy road. 

A black cable tie is strapped around both wings whilst the rest of its body and legs hang down below.

Behind the grey sign post the Bank of England London building can be seen, making for an even more bizarre edition to the photo. 

Grahame, from Kent, shared the image to Facebook that day, writing: “Normal Monday morning outside the Bank of England.” 

The post has now collected over 1,200 likes and hundreds of comments and shares from users who joked in their response. 

Social media users react to chicken on a pole | London London News
Social media users joked in their responses.

Thalia Maria Lovering said: “Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?”

Randall George Courtney wrote: “You sure you aren’t in Poultry?”

George John Gregory commented: “I call fowl play.”

Wayne Robert replied: “KFC advertising has hit an all time low.”

Ian Carolan joked: “He died for our sins.”

Darren Mitchell added: “Must have been a hen night.” 

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