Friday, May 27, 2022
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What the buck? Scots fuming over Buckfast price hike

SCOTS have been left fuming following the announcement that Buckfast will receive a price hike in the latest UK budget announcement. 

Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed that the tonic wine beloved by Scots will see 81p added to the price to cover increased alcohol tax duties.

In the budget Sunak went after higher strength alcoholic drinks, increasing tax for fortified wines as well as higher strength ciders.

A bottle of Buckfast sits on a table
A bottle of the tonic wine known as Buckfast.                                                                                   Credit: Deadline News

The Chancellor also revealed that costs for champagne would be getting cut.

Despite the introduction of minimum unit pricing in Scotland in 2018, sales of Buckfast have continued to boom.

However, following the recent 81p announcement, Scots have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration.

 @_el_1988 said: “Buckfast 81p more tax, that’s the remaining Scottish vote gone.” 

A carry out including a bottle of Buckfast
A carry out of alcoholic beverages including Buckfast.                                                                       Credit: Deadline News

@ajmcq1993 wrote: “A Buckfast Tax, why do the Tories hate Scotland?”

Some were even left considering if it was time to pack their bags and head to sunnier climes rather than being left to face the increase.

@om_riff fumed: “As if the National Insurance rise wasn’t bad enough, Buckfast is up 81p a bottle!

“I’m selling up and emigrating, what country wants my money and why should I move up there? Go #Buckfast!”

@buckfast_belch simply stated: “I may have to develop a taste for Bollinger.”

@JakeOKane commented: “While the price of Prosecco fell, the price of Buckfast was increased, such a Tory thing to do. There will be weeping and wailing in Portadown.”

@bethanyusher asked: “Did anyone else think the cut in duty for champagne was just trolling?”

To which @MarxMedia replied: “While simultaneously cranking up the price of Buckfast?

“It’s class warfare.”

The tax price increase comes despite the fact that Scots already have a system of minimum pricing in place for alcohol which was introduced by the SNP. 

Buckfast tonic wine is famously made by monks in Devon at Buckfast Abbey and has been produced for over one hundred and forty years.

Scots should not worry immediately about the increase with the price change set to be implemented in the Spring of 2023.

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