Thursday, May 19, 2022
NewsShocking video shows hundreds of dumped PCR tests at old test centre

Shocking video shows hundreds of dumped PCR tests at old test centre

A SHOCKING video shows hundreds of discarded PCR tests dumped at an ASDA car park on the same week the Government said there was a shortage of Covid tests.

Timothy Draycott captured the footage at an ASDA in Shrewsbury, Shropshire last month after spotting boxes and tests strewn across the ground.

A local testing centre with a marquee had previously been held in the car park but closed down shortly before Christmas.


However, the desk was left abandoned alongside various items from the testing centre – including what appears to be hundreds of unused PCR tests.

Video shows Timothy, 54, approaching the area where tests are laying beside rain-soaked boxes.

The boxes are all addressed to the ASDA store from testing company Eurofins and lay behind a Covid test drop-off box – also featuring Eurofins logo.

The Government had advised the public that same week that there was a shortage of Covid tests available throughout the country. 

The PCR tests were in the car park
The PCR tests were found dumped in the ASDA car park.                                                             Credit: Timothy Draycott

Transport delivery driver Timothy uploaded his footage online where it has received over 1,100 views. 

Speaking today Timothy said: “I’m homeless, I saw the staff leaving and taking down the site marquee and noticed they had left the desk which I thought I could put to use.

“When I got closer I could see lots of boxes filled with tests and then there were the tests laying in the car park too.

“There was a drop-off bin standing near the tests too but I cannot imagine it’s actually in use.

“I did go up to a shopping attendant to make them aware of the tests and as far as I know ASDA have gotten rid of the tests now.”

Last month there was a widespread shortage of lateral flow and PCR tests for delivery on the UK Government’s portal.

Sky News reported that on 30 December there were no PCR slots available across the UK.

While referring to lack of lateral flow tests, UK health secretary Sajid Javid admitted the Government will “need to constrain” the supply of rapid Covid-19 tests.

He said this was in response to “unprecedented demand” driven by the Omicron variant surge.

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