Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Cheeky pug caught on CCTV leaving trail of tiny paw prints on newly laid concrete

A CHEEKY pug was caught on CCTV walking through freshly laid concrete in her garden and leaving a trail of tiny paw prints behind.

Two-year-old pooch Cybil had just been let out moments before she decided to leave her mark on the new home extension in Bolton, Greater Manchester, last week.

A hilarious video shows the mischievous pug sneaking through a makeshift tunnel between bricks and concrete to get to the extension while owner Simon Goldthorp looks around.


The 44-year-old floor screeder walks towards the back of the garden as Cybil quickly glances over her shoulder before jumping up onto the perfectly levelled concrete. 

Cybil then begins casually strolling right across the middle of the extension – leaving dozens of tiny paw prints.

Simon can be heard shouting: “No Cybil, no!” as he runs to the edge of the layout, clapping his hands to try and get her to walk back to him.

He then shouts: “Cybil come here! Cybil! Oh my god.”

Completely unphased by Simon’s efforts, Cybil continues to waddle to the other side of the concrete without care. 

Panicked and realising his efforts to recall his pup were futile, Simon then puts his head in his hand. 

Luckily, Cybil decides on her own to nonchalantly wander back over towards the edge of the wet concrete where Simon quickly picks her up.

Simon’s wife, Nicola Goldthorp, shared the video to TikTok on Thursday, writing: “#concretefail #pug #pawprints” 

The post has now collected over 191,000 views, 7,000 likes, and hundreds from viewers who were left in stitches by the clip. 

Cybil the pug
Two-year-old Cybil did not seem phased as she wandered over the top of the fresh concrete. (C) Nicola Goldthorp

@HeatherCook said: “It’s fine just leave it. In 200 years someone will find medieval paw prints and marvel.”

@Lilly said: “I would keep it like that.” 

@NicolaLouiseWalker said: “How did you not just launch that dog over the fence.” 

@Mike said: “Well done for staying calm with the dog.” 

Speaking today, care assistant Nicola, 38, said: “We are obviously just having an extension done and my hubby came home from work last Wednesday when he let Cybil out for a wee. 

“He waited outside to keep an eye on her when she sneaked through the bricks and decided to make patterns. 

“And he nearly fell in also.

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