Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Hilarious video shows prankster firing hundreds of pieces of confetti in neighbour’s garden while he clears up

HILARIOUS video shows a cheeky prankster firing hundreds of pieces of confetti at his neighbour’s garden just moments after he had finished hoovering the grass.

Gareth Jones stormed off in a huff after the incident at his home in Wigan, Greater Manchester, last month but it didn’t take long before he saw the funny side.

The 39-year-old had been clearing up garden after having his friends around for drinks the previous evening.

Video shows neighbour Adrian Heaton, 40, peering over his large wooden fence as he watches unsuspecting Gareth hoovering up piece of debris.

Just as it appears that Gareth has finished up his clear up mission, construction director Adrian is shown letting off a confetti cannon over the fence.

Hundreds of little pieces of multicoloured confetti are shown laying on Gareth’s bright green astro turf.

Funeral director Gareth then throws his hoover down in a rage and storms back into the home before the clip comes to an end.

Adrian shared the video on TikTok last month, writing: “Everybody loves good neighbours. Keep on cleaning brother.”

The post has now collected more than 3.5million views with over 179,000 likes.

Thousands of viewers left comments on the clip after being left in stitched by the prank.

One said: “ That was so unkind, do it again. I think the garden is beautiful.”

Another said: “It’s using a vacuum outside for me, drops it and walks off smiling like nah bro I’m done today.”

One social media user wrote: “Everybody needs a neighbour like him.”

Another added: “I’d love to live next to you both. They’re miserable sods around where I live.”

While another commented: “Neighbourly love at its best.”

Adrian firing the confetti cannon
Gareth was raging to begin with but quickly saw the funny side.

Speaking today, Adrian said: “We all moved in just over a year ago and forged a bit of a friendship.

“On Friday we had some drinks together and on Saturday Gareth was cleaning up the aftermath.

“When we saw him out the window we thought it was a great idea to play a prank on him.

“He was furious at first but by the time he got to the house he turned around and started laughing and said he would have done exactly the same thing.

“It took him and his wife around an hour to pick them up individually.”

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