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NewsFoodie divides opinion with his Chicago Town pizza breakfast roll

Foodie divides opinion with his Chicago Town pizza breakfast roll

A FOODIE has divided opinion over his Chicago Town pizza roll filled to the brim with breakfast favourites.

Richard Wain has been accused of both creating a “heart attack” and an absolute “game changer” after sharing images of his creative snack on social media last week.

The 38-year-old from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, created his dish by laying two Chicago Town Four Cheese Deep Dish pizzas on a plate before filling them with breakie.

The Chicago Town pizzas are topped with mushroom
Richard created his pizza roll last week.                                                                                            Credit: Richard Wain

Slapping on a hearty helping of butter, refuse collector Richard added a handful of mushrooms, a runny fried egg and four link sausages to the pizza base.

He then lays four rashers of bacon on the top of the mammoth mountain of food before topping off the snack with the other four cheese deep dish pizza.

Sharing snaps of his meal, Richard said: “Well seen as a load of you thought my tea cake was a pizza, I’ve finished work, bought some pizzas, and here you go. It was good but messy.”

The post has received over 1,100 likes and more than 650 comments from foodies who were mixed with their reactions to the approximately 3,500 calorie dish.

One person said: “So wrong but I would defo try it.”

A second said: “I shall be giving this a bash.”

A third added: “That’s a game changer.”

Sausages were added to the breakfast roll
Richard added sausages to his breakfast roll.                                                                                   Credit: Richard Wain

And one impressed viewer said: “This man’s living in the future.”

However, one critic said: “Looks nice, certainly different but your heart will be screaming lmao.”

Another said: “Hello heart attack.”

And one other social media user commented: “Be like eating a brick.”

Speaking today, Richard said: “It tastes lovely, an absolutely gorgeous buttery mess.

“I would encourage everybody to have a go at making it as it only takes half an hour. 

“If I could make one change I would probably add some BBQ sauce to give some extra flavour.”

Chicago Town Four Cheese Deep Dish pizzas are 417 calories per pizza.

Chicago is well known for deep dish pizza which is the opposite of New York’s thin slice.

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