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NewsFed-up cat owner forced to stick up "NOT LOST" posters because pet...

Fed-up cat owner forced to stick up “NOT LOST” posters because pet keeps befriending “kittynappers”

A FED-UP cat owner has been forced to stick up “not lost” posters because their pet kept befriending “kittynappers”.

A poster was spotted attached to a wall in Hackney, east London, on Sunday featuring images of the “super friendly street cat” who has been going home with strangers.

On the note, the owner told “crazy cat ladies” that their pet had a home and asked them to “stop body shaming” him by saying he looks skinny.

The post on Facebook about the cat
The cat believed to be called Ahmed is not homeless but goes home with lots of locals. Credit: Facebook

They also revealed that the cat was rescued from abusive children in Dubai and has since had a tracker put on – meaning the owner can see where he is at all times.

The wandering white feline, believed to be called Ahmed, was also outed for having his “balls snipped” in the note – so that other cat owners don’t need to worry.

Local residents also received the same poster posted through their doors on Sunday.

Images of the owner’s hilarious note, which was typed up in large red text, have been circulating on social media.

The posters appeared all over Hackney
The cat owner was forced to take action as people continued to give the cat a home. Credit: Facebook

The poster reads: “Our cat is not lost.

“I am a super friendly street cat that got rescued from being abused by nasty kids in Dubai.

“My daddy put a tracker on me because all the crazy cat ladies of Hackney keep kittynapping me.

“I am chipped and whilst you can see my balls, I’ve had the snip, so all good there.

“People keep saying I’m skinny.

“Stop body shaming me.

“I get two nutritious meals per day and all the Dreamies a kitty can manage.

“So please don’t take me home with you.”

One local, Hayden Bhowon, posted a photo of the notice on Facebook on Sunday, writing: “For your information, Hackney dwellers.”

The post has received over 1,900 likes and more than 100 comments from social media users who loved the unorthodox sign.

Carol Mcilroy said: “I love that they haven’t included his name.

“Not going to make it easy for those crazy cat ladies.”

Bobby Brock-Jenkins said: “Cats and their crafty plots to make you feel sorry for them.”

Majik Den Rele said: “Don’t blame us for loving your cute cat.

“Think of the community.

“Support the crazy cat ladies.”

And Sharon Stow said: “Mentioning he has had The Snip is BALL-SHAMING and humiliating for male cats.”

Cat theft is common in the UK with reports that around 360,000 are stolen each year.

However, over half of these are usually returned to their owner.

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