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Dramatic video shows daredevil perched on top of protruding rock overlooking Scottish loch

DRAMATIC video shows a daredevil perched on top of a protruding rock hundreds of feet about a Scottish loch.

Jessica Bank captured the jaw-dropping video of her fiancé Billy Christie sitting on a cliff edge high above Loch Brandy in Angus last month.

Video shows 31-year-old Billy taking a seat on a large rock before looking out at the impressive view.

The trainee skipper from Dundee looks relaxed as his legs dangle over the edge while his petrified girlfriend Jessica watches on.

Jessica, 36, shared the video to TikTok last month writing: “He gives me the fear but I’m low-key kind of envious he was able to experience that.

“Would you do it?”

The clip has gained over 58,000 views and thousands of likes from social media users.

One said: “I’m getting panicky just watching it. My heart starts racing.”

Another wrote: “I’d like to say I would, but I was just sick in my own mouth watching it so I’m thinking I wouldn’t!”

Billy stood on the edge of the cliff
Billy even stood up on the rock.

A third commented: “It’s pretty scary, I couldn’t do it now.”

While another commented: “Not for me, if I looked up I’d fall off.”

Speaking today, Billy said: “Me and my partner are trying to do more things and find more adventures and we heard Loch Brandy was a good one.

“I saw the spot where the rock was hanging over the cliff and I thought ‘I’m going to go and sit on that’.

“It wasn’t until I was a bit closer that I saw it was a bit dodgy.

“I was a little bit nervous. It wasn’t as bad in person though, there was some grass below so I would have got some bumps and bruises but nothing worse.

“It was a bit nerve racking.”

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