Shocked locals left in stitches by bizarre art piece in public park which resembles large sex toy


SHOCKED locals have been left in stitches after a bizarre art piece resembling a large sex toy was erected at a nearby park.

The unique artwork in Canbury Gardens in Kingston Upon Thames, Greater London, was installed two weeks ago as part of the Kingston Sculpture Trail.

The spinning structure is shaped like a spinning top and is mainly beige in colour with splashes of blue, green and red to one side.

Londoners have since been left in stitches by the large feature and believe it looks like an X-rated item more likely to be found in Ann Summers.

Since being installed vandals have thrown splodges of white paint on top of the artwork.

Tristan Ribeiro posted a video of the design on a local Facebook on Sunday with the caption: “Hey guys why don’t we install a giant spinning butt plug in the park? 

“I’m sure the public will love our amazing art – Kingston”

The video shows the artwork spinning around on a small pole, revealing all it’s colours. 

The video now has nearly 400 likes, with dozens of people making jokes about the bizarre build. 

Sarah Baptiste said: “This s**t can’t get any worse” with five crying with laughter emojis. 

Kerry Mckeever said: “Which end is which?”

Gavin Pollock said: “Challenge accepted”. 

Spinning Structure Kingston - Art News UK
The structure was similar to a spinning top in shape.                                                                              (C) Tristan Ribeiro

And Gene Robertson added: “A**e no questions…” 

Speaking today (WED), Tristan, 44, said: “I saw it from afar. 

“Art is subjective but I thought it’s awful. 

“Why is there a giant butt plug in the park?

“On closer inspection I realised someone had thrown paint all over it and it was still wet.

“It is part of the Kingston Sculpture Trail, and my least favourite part.”

The Kingston Spinning Sculpture is described as “A colourful sculpture that invites viewers to interact by spinning it” on the Kingston Sculpture Trail website.

This week local residents scrubbed off the white paint from the art piece.