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Bridesmaid divides opinion after pulling out of wedding because she overheard bride calling her a “b**ch”

A BRIDESMAID has divided opinion online after revealing that she pulled out of her friend’s wedding after overhearing the bride calling her a “b**ch”.

Reddit user Low_Hovercraft6137 took to the thread “Am I the a***hole?” on Wednesday  to find out if she was in the wrong for pulling out at the last minute.

The fuming bridesmaid revealed how she had a “non traditional” and not overly expensive wedding shortly before her friend, known as “P’, was having her big day.

The “friends” were due to be each others’ bridesmaids but on the night before P’s wedding the Reddit user overheard the bride-to-be bad mouthing her to a friend.

The bride was apparently unhappy that her bridesmaid’s non-traditional wedding had outshone her expensive one, and called her “insufferable, a b***h and a cheapskate”.

Absolutely furious, the 28-year-old bridesmaid took her bridesmaid dress and left the next morning but not before she left a note for the bride with the message “FU”.

Friend having traditional wedding - wedding news
The post describes the differences between the two weddings.

The bridesmaid’s post on Reddit was met with a mixed reaction with readers criticising both parties.

The post reads: “Hi, I’m 28 and got married six weeks ago.

“My wedding was a hit.

“I had very non traditional stuff.”

It continues: “My friend ‘P’ got married this Sunday.

“She was my bridesmaid and I was supposed to be hers.

“Her wedding budget was a lot.

“But the night before her wedding, us bridesmaids and P were in the bridal suite having a spa night and stuff just having fun.

“After all that was over and everyone was going to bed, while going to the bathroom, I happened to overhear a conversation that was going on between P and her maid of honour.

“She was b****ing about me and saying how my wedding was so much cheaper but everyone liked that and that I have stolen her limelight and thunder by throwing such an unconventional one when I knew her own dream wedding was more traditional.

“She called me insufferable, a b***h and a cheapskate.”

She added: “I packed my stuff at the crack of dawn and left.

“I left a note along with a ribbon kind of thing she gave us when she asked us to be her bridesmaids and wrote ‘you can stick this up where the sun don’t shine. FU.”

The post now has over 2,700 comments and divided opinion.

Thejmax said: “Completely and utterly ESH. (Everyone sucks here)

“You went almost nuclear on her and you knew what you were doing.

“She was pathetic and spiteful.

Good recipe for an entertaining story.”

Electrical-Date-3951 said: “Honestly, while reading this, I rolled my eyes.

Quitting bridesmaid fallout - wedding news
There was a dramatic fallout and the bridesmaid quit.

“I am curious about the bride’s version of events, because all involved sound a bit insufferable and far too much gossip/side convos going on among friends.”

PersimmonDowntown612 said: “ESH. Your friend sucks for all the awful things she said about you.

“You are an a**hole for dropping the responsibility you’ve taken, for the ridiculous note you left, for not at least leaving the bridesmaid’s dress and for all the bragging.”

WebbieVanderquack added: “ESH. What she said was horrible, but you could have gone through with the wedding for sake of everyone else involved and the note was really childish.”

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