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Top StoriesScots mum dresses daughter and nephew up as Amazon Alexa and plug

Scots mum dresses daughter and nephew up as Amazon Alexa and plug

A SCOTS mum has dressed her daughter and nephew up as an Amazon Alexa device and plug ahead of Halloween.

Adorable images show Alexa Denholm, 4, dressed up as the virtual assistant speaker alongside her cousin Bobby Reid, 3, as a plug.

Alexa’s mum, Megan Denholm, created her daughter’s costume using an old play den which she spray painted black before adding details to represent the AI voice speaker.

The cousins dressed up as Alexa and a plug
The cousins dressed up as an Amazon Alexa and plug.                                                                      Credit: Tylar Denholm

The 27-year-old, from Lanark, created a gold “home” button and added LED lights to show Alexa being switched on and ready to answer questions.

Bobby’s mum, Tylar Denholm, 22, used old toilet roll tubes and tin foil and stuck them onto a black jumper for the son’s costume.

Support worker Megan posted images of Alexa and Bobby’s outfits to Facebook on Wednesday.

She wrote: “Every year my daughter chooses her Halloween costume, and I have to try my best to make it.

Alexa as a baby in a different Halloween outfit
Alexa chooses different outfits each Halloween and her Mum makes it.                                             Credit: Megan Denholm

“Her name is Alexa, therefore this year she chose to be an Amazon Alexa and her baby cousin wanted to be her plug.”

Megan’s post has gained almost 5,000 likes and over 300 comments from social media users who thought the outfits were amazing.

Polly Hatton said: “Absolutely love this!”

Paul Metcalf wrote: “I love the plug. That’s brilliant . 

“You can have hours of fun screaming commands at her. ‘ALEXA!!!! turn down the music’.”

Alexa dressed as a box of red box cheesy pasta
Alexa has previously dressed up as a box of Cheesy Pasta                                                               Credit: Megan Denholm

Alysha Ellwood commented: “How cute her cousin wanted to be her plug. So gorgeous and great job.”

Natalie Evans wrote: “I just laughed so much I dribbled, this is brilliant. What characters.”

And Natalie Steel added: “You need to give me ideas for the girls… your costumes are always brilliant.”

This is not the first time Megan has been creative with Alexa’s Halloween outfits.

The youngster has dressed up as a McDonald’s Happy Meal and a box of Kraft’s Cheesy Pasta in the past.

Speaking today, Megan said: “It took me about two and a half hours. 

“We got the tube, which is the body of Alexa, which was a kids play den. My sister spray painted it black for me coming home from work.

“I got home from work at 11pm and stayed up until 2am to put it all together.”

Megan added: “Alexa loved it, every year she chooses her costume and I make it for her. 

“Bobby, her plug, is her best friend and cousin. He was so excited to be part of her costume.

“My sister made the plug with toilet roll tubes and tin foil then glued them onto a black jumper. 

“And we got a wrist link to keep them connected.”

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