Wednesday, July 6, 2022
NewsShocking video shows clubbers brawling with bouncers

Shocking video shows clubbers brawling with bouncers

A SHOCKING video shows clubbers brawling with bouncers – with one woman’s weave being sent flying. 

Ismail Sosa captured the tense confrontation outside Club Republic in Leicester last Friday where boozy punters are seen crowding the door staff. 

Around four male bouncers were filmed trying to hold their line as an onslaught of clubbers confront them aggressively. 

One woman wearing a blue skirt and navy top was captured continuously lashing out at door staff. 

A doorman is shown pushing the female clubber away shortly before she returns to take a swipe at him to the face.

Other members of the security team then begin violently pushing two other male clubbers back away from the door. 

Approaching for a third time, the woman attempts to hit one bouncer who somehow then ends up with her weave in hand before throwing it over the top of the chaos. 

Enraged, the woman returns back to attack the bouncer responsible for sending her hair piece flying. 

In a tussle, two other men are again pushed back violently, with one of them falling back over a metal railing and onto the ground. 

Club Republic Leicester
The Club Republic nightclub in Leicester.

During the brawl the security can be heard shouting: “Get back, get back!” 

Whilst Ismail said: “Crazy! Oh my days! 

“Man, that’s her wig, that’s insane!” 

Speaking today, Ismail, a 19-year-old student, said: “I’m not sure why they were fighting, I just happened to see an altercation and started recording it. 

“I was in pure confusion, there were so many things happening I couldn’t keep up. 

“I was just wondering why they were trying to fight the security, I think my commentary describes my reaction quite well.

“From what I saw it looked as if the security had done something to anger the girl. 

“There were two guys trying to defend the girl too, security got fed up with the girl and snatched her wig, which made her go back to offer some more hands.”

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